Why Will Smartphones Replace Keys & Access Badges?


Technology is taking over the world faster than anything else. Today not only adults but the children have access to smartphones and spend most of their time on it. Whether they are watching videos or playing games, people of all ages are using smartphones for their built-in convenience. There is no limit to the benefits of smartphones. There is nothing a smartphone cant have and do today. smartphones have replaced many home items like alarm clocks, calculators and cameras etc. So why is the hospitality industry lagging behind in terms of technology usage? 

In the hospitality industry, many major brands are including smartphone services in their properties like online booking and online hotel services. This is because there is nothing the smartphone can do. So for the hospitality industry it is time to upgrade their traditional systems with new contactless services like UKey Smart.

Why are Smartphones better?

Smartphones have unlimited features when it comes to contactless technology. Today, it is used in each and every field of life. But what makes it so special for the hospitality industry as well? The answer lies in the contactless free services of the smartphone technology. Some of the key features of a smartphone service are:

  • Built-in convenience:

Smartphones have countless features that make them unique and highly functional. People use smartphones for a lot of reasons. As it is convenient to carry a singly device with you that provides all sorts of services at one place. Why bother carrying different devices like calculators or a camera with you, when your smartphones provide you everything.

In the hospitality industry, guests prefer contactless services due the pandemic and avoid contact to many people. For this they want online booking, contactless check ins and digital keys. All of this can be provided using a single device i-e their own smartphones.


  • Increased Security:

Smartphones have a special security built-in to give the users a safer interface to work. So in the hospitality industry, when services are provided through smartphones, the built in security system provides an extra layer of safety. As we know all of us make security passwords for our smartphones, so this password limits the access of your belongings to different people.

In the hospitality industry, when digital keys are provided through interfaces like UKey Smart. The built in smartphone security system protects your key and there are less chances of hacking or stealing of your keycards.

  • Enhanced Control:

Enhanced control is the most diverse feature of smartphones. Smartphones are specially designed to give you everything at one place. So every year new and improved mobile phones are launched in the market that provide better services. In the hospitality industry, there are special apps like UKey Smart that are providing all kinds of hotel services entirely through your mobile phones. Whether it be booking a room or ordering a favorite meal in the hotel, just a tap on your smartphones will do the work. 

  • Added Flexibility:

The potential of smartphones exceeds physical access. Combining mobile credentials with other applications like UKey Smart, people can use their smartphones to gain access to their work machines, pay for purchases at cafeterias or vending machines, as a pass for designated parking spaces, and more.

Access control via smartphones is step by step moving forward and is an excellent alternative to keys and card-based credentials, as it offers a specific set of strengths and advantages. The benefits they offer have the potential to transform the future of access control.

So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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