Why is Smart Personalization becoming vital in the Hospitality Industry?

It is a common human nature that each of us feels to be special and different from everyone else. So we expect everyone to treat us differently.
When we give it a little thought, it’s actually the fact. Every human being is different and special in his own ways. He has his own ways and requirements to live a peaceful life. He knows what things will bring him joy, what things can cause discomfort, what things are required when he goes to sleep etc. each and every one of us has different requirements and needs to live their lives.
So whenever one travels, he expects all the hotels and people to understand what he wants. This is greatly seen when he is choosing a hotel to stay in. People scroll and visit a lot of hotels that match their needs with hotel services. So he chooses the hotel that fulfills most of his requirements and he can have a comfortable stay.
What is Personalization?
Personalization generally means meeting the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits
Personalization is basically providing all the services that a customer expects from a hotel. Better services provided by the hotel means the hotel is better in personalization and hence its customers are more satisfied. This can only be achieved when the hotels have a previous history of their customers.
How personalization is different from customization?
Customization means to make manual changes in the hotel services according to the customer’s needs and expectations so the customer has the best experience.
But all of this is not needed in the first place if the hotel has the previous record of their customers. The hotel managers can predict the needs and requirements of the customers and hence the customer becomes more happy and satisfied. This is personalization.
What is Smart Personalization?
Nowadays people are traveling more than they did 10 years ago. Whether it be a personal trip or an official business trip, everyone travels from place to place. So for every hotel, they stay in, they have to ask the services according to their needs, and this becomes really troublesome as most of the hotels treat all of their customers in a general way.
Same rules and services for everybody! This is the worst thing Hotels do to their customers and hence lose most of them. Because each customer has different needs and when the hotels don’t get what they want, they lose their trust and interest in that hotel.
So in these times of despair, Smart Personalization comes in handy. Smart Personalization means to keep a smart record of their customers. In this record, it is important to save many minor things like what they ate, what room temperature they wanted, how their room furniture should be, and many more things. So keeping a digital record for them, and whenever they visit next, predict what they want and providing all the things that will make the customers more happy and satisfied.
So smart technology is keeping the record of the customers and when they revisit, predict what they want and provide the best services and the customers become more satisfied.
Why Smart Personalization is becoming vital in the Hospitality industry!
It is time for Hotels to understand and accept that every customer is special and valuable. Every human being deserves to be treated special. So to provide them with the best services, it’s better to keep an eagle eye on the customer’s needs and requirements.
By making special records of the services asked by the customer, all the hotels can prescribe these services when those customers will again use their hotels. So in this way, the customers will feel special because the hotels know what they like or dislike. This way customers are more happy and satisfied.
How UkeySmart helps in Personalization?
UkeySmart is a highly specialized and well-developed software that helps all the hotels in personalization. Along with providing Smart controls of the rooms, UkeySmart also helps in personalization by keeping the record of all the customers of a hotel.
So when a person uses UkeySmart, data is saved about that person including all the room services he used and all the room controls he used. So the hotels have a better way to provide the related services to their customers. All the data is kept highly classified and secret. Customer’s privacy is also ensured.
So Stay Safe, stay updated! Personalize your hotels and get greater profits with UKey Smart!

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