Why Hoteliers Should Make Guest Room IoT a Top Priority (After COVID Safety Measures)

IOT stands for the Internet of things. This is a new term used by the top hoteliers like Marriott, to provide the guests with best services using the internet. Some of the services that can be provided to the users with the help of mobile applications like UKey Smart are the Online Booking, Managing personal information, Digital Mobile Key, Rooms and Concierge services. This involvement of internet technology in providing the services to the guests in the hospitality industry is known as IOT. So now when the pandemic has changed the lifestyle of everyone of us. For hoteliers it is time to provide a safe and hygienic environment to their guests. But today with the advancements in science, it is only possible with the help of smart mobile technologies.

Now the question arises why is it necessary to involve the modern technology in providing the best guest service after the Covid safety measures. Some of the reasons are as follow:

Safe & Hygienic:

Involvement of mobile technology makes the overall process more safe and hygienic not only for guests but for staff as well. When most of the work will be done by the mobile phones, this will limit the human interactions and hence make the hotel property more hygienic. 

Green Solution:

With the usage of mobile digital key for opening and locking up the doors, the usage of plastic keycards can be reduced to 0. This way the whole stay can become green and eco friendly. Today in the market there are mobile applications like UKey Smart that not only provide the guest with a digital mobile key but also allows them to control  the hotel room devices like TV, AC and even lights with their mobile phones.


With the hacking of plastic keycards all around the world, involvement of mobile phones give an extra layer of security to everything. So the guests can easily manage their profile information with apps like UKey Smart. 

Overall we can say that after all the covid safety measures taken in the hotels, one thing that can keep the guests safe is the involvement of mobile internet technology. So hoteliers should make guest room IOT a top priority. 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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