Why Do Hotels Need 3 C’s Before Reopening?

Today, it is clearly visible that the industry that had the hardest time during the pandemic was the hospitality industry. This has caused a major loss in the revenues of all the hotels and Airbnb all around the world. This made them not to invest in new technologies. But on the other hand, it is the best opportunity for the hotels to prepare for the new normal and adopt certain smart technologies that will help them in this time of distress.  

To ensure that your property (hotel, rentals, AirBnBs) is up-to date and safe, we need to adopt the technologies that will make it happen. Now all the hotels must prepare for the New Normal by following the 3Cs rule. Because this is the only way to meet the needs of the guests as travel resumes.

What is the 3Cs rule? 

3Cs stand for: Communication, Cleanliness and Contact-less experience that will ensure a healthy environment in the hotels. These are the basic rules made to make the hotels safe and free of coronavirus. This helps the hotels to follow all the SOPs and social distancing rules issued by WHO. 

Today, We’ll explain why these are important:


  • Better Communication:


This pandemic has taught all the property owners around the world how important communication with their staff is. Nut today, calling the employees on the phone numbers is not very helpful, as it is time- consuming. The only way to easily engage the employees is by keeping them updated on the new policies and rehiring plans on a better communication platform.

Also there is no guarantee that all the employees will return to their jobs when this lockdown ends. So employers need to use a platform that will help them contact all the employees regardless of the job positions.  

While real-time communication is necessary, hotel owners should adopt every possible way to keep their staff safe from the disease as they return. that includes adding employee safety devices to call for help in case of emergency. This is because investing in safety alert technologies speaks volumes about the company’s integrity and empathy toward their employees. Also making the staff to be more loyal and responsible toward their tasks.

  • Cleanliness:

Most of the hotel brands around the world have already published their standards of cleanliness to fight against the pandemic. It is important that hotels provide complete information and guidance to the whole staff on how to follow the Standard Operating Procedures. New Technologies like UKey Smart can play a role in meeting these new standards. 

We know in these times, it’s so troublesome to travel and stay at the counters of the hotels to book a room as the only way to be safe from this virus is to stay away from the crowds. So why not try AI solutions like UKey Smart that will reduce the amount of direct employee communication with the guests by directing service requests via text messages. 

With UKey Smart, guests can book a room in their favorite hotel without visiting the counter. Also with the information provided through UKey Smart, guests won’t have to visit the front desk for check-in as staff can recognize them and take them directly to their rooms. So no hassle to stay at the crowded places for longer period.


  • Contact-less:


Finally, The last C, stand for the contact less experience . Now is a great time for hotels to emerge even stronger than the competition by adding all the new technologies that provide guests a contact less experience. This will increase the guest satisfaction and differentiation in the market.

Some of the Contact less Technologies that UKeySmart is providing are:


  • Smart Unlock:



Using the Smart Key provided by us, you don’t have to touch the room locks to unlock the room and enter. Our smart technology works through Bluetooth, so by using your mobile phone, unlock the doors in a tap.


  • Remote controls:


To avoid Covid-19,all of us are more cautious to touch different things in a hotel room. So, Ukey smart helps you in this by providing a fully functional remote control for the lighting, TC and AC of the room.


  • Room Service & Concierge:


We know for the room services we have to dial up and order the requirements. But with Ukey smart, all you have to do is tap on your phone and ask for the things you need in your room. Also with the help of this app, you can Access best in class concierge services offered by your hotel.

Start Now!!!

Using downtime to add new solutions like these is the ideal time because there is no disruption to service – rooms aren’t taken out of inventory and guests don’t need to deal with potential construction noise. More importantly, satisfied guests will lead to an increase in positive online reviews.

Any technology that will help lower operating costs and drive crucial revenue through guest purchases should be considered and rolled out today while occupancy is low. Following these three Cs will provide the guidance operators need to prepare for the “new normal.” 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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