Why Are Hotels That Use UKeySmart Better?

With this pandemic and social distancing going on around the world, people are becoming more and more conscious about their health and safety. And once this lock-down is over, the fear will not leave their minds for a longer period of time. They would want the same standards of safe environment everywhere. While traveling, they would want their transportation to be disinfected, people wearing masks, and much more.

But what about the hotels that host hundreds of guests daily, coming from all around the world?
With the help of UKey-Smart, many hotels have started to update their standard ways to handle the guests. With this, they are becoming safer and saving a lot of costs.
Some of the key points that distinguish the hotels using UKey-smart from those that do not use:
Fast Check-ins: Hotels using UKey-Smart have made the check-in process very easy and faster for their guests. Using UKeySmart, guests don’t have to stand in the long queues to book their required room. Instead, they can book their rooms with their mobile phones and avoid going into crowded places.
Also, the hotel staff gets the notification about the booking of the room by any guest. With the information shared by the guests, the hotel staff can easily recognize their guests and hence take them directly to their rooms without engaging them in any useless paperwork at the desk.
All Controllers in one: Since people these days are worried to touch things that are used by many others before them, so the Hotels that are using UKey-Smart have not to worry about disinfecting each everything in the room. As UKey-Smart provides them with an All-in-one controller.
Through UkeySmart, guests have access to all kinds of room controllers on their phones. This makes their stay at the hotel more comfortable as they don’t have to touch different controllers and switches for different things. UKeySmart provides the controllers to switch on the lights, controllers for TV, and AC.
Unlocking the Doors without touching: To avoid touching different things, one of the main things that people are worried about is the handle and lock used to unlock their hotel rooms. But the hotels using UKey-Smart have updated their lock systems.
With the help of UKey-Smart, guests can easily unlock the doors with a tap on their mobile phones. Guests are provided with a special code and it gets recognized when they reach their rooms.
Smart Concierge Services: Hotels using UKey-Smart have updated all kinds of services so that their guests can have a safe and comfortable stay at their hotels. For the concierge services, in other hotels people had to use the landline in their rooms to order their required meals.
But in the hotels using UKey-Smart, guests have access to all kinds of concierge services provided by the hotels. They can order their required meal by using their mobile phones through the UKey-Smart.
More Savings: All the hotels around the world are spending money to increase their hotel staff and prepare plastic key-cards to unlock their hotel rooms. Also, they use the money to spend on the hotel switchboards and controllers for TV and room lights.
To avoid all these costs, hotels have started to use UKey-Smart. With UKeySmart, guests can do most of the things through their mobile phones, so hotels don’t have to spend money on many things. This saves them a lot of money which can later be used on other important tasks.
More Eco-friendly: With the high pollution rate and global warming all around the world, people are now more concerned about the ways they carry out their everyday tasks. They try to opt for all those methods that are more Eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment.
When all the hotels are still using the old Plastic Key Cards and Plastic room Controllers, an increase in plastic usage and wastage has harmed the environment. But the hotels using UKey-Smart, have made their ways more green by reducing the usage of Plastic key cards and controllers as the guests can easily unlock their rooms without a key-card and control the lights, the Tv and Ac through their mobile phones.
So what are you waiting for? Get updated and more productive with UKey Smart!

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