The Next Evolution of Hotel Staff and Guest Safety: Contact-less Check-In and Check-out

As the hospitality industry transitions to a contactless environment, technologies like UKey Smart will have long-term investment benefits; we are already seeing a need for contactless employee check-in/-out. With planned integration to payroll companies and timecard entry systems, it only makes sense to add contactless Check-ins to the mix.

COVID-19 is the first pandemic of our generation, but unfortunately it won’t be the last. UKey Smart is dedicated to identifying solution providers who we believe will do the same. As technologists, it’s more important than ever before that the vendor community unite for the common goal of doing whatever it takes to get doors open responsibly, and keep travelers coming back safely. 

In many countries where pandemic is controlled now, the lockdown is ending. Many public places and historical places are reopening. Many countries have started tourism and travelling. But the fear to get infected remains the same in the hearts of all people. 

Now, people are opting for all those methods that do not involve touch and crowded places. In this case, the hospitality industry needs to upgrade their old ways. From online booking to remote control the hotel rooms are the things needed in these times. One of the main things every traveller wants is the online booking and remote check-ins. 

Booking through Mobile phone:

People want to avoid the crowded places as much as possible. But to book a room, they had to visit the hotel reception and select their required room. It’s time to change this method to keep everyone safe, both the customers and the staff. Now, all the hotels and customers are adopting new ways to interact. The smart technology is helping them, and people are making bookings through their mobile phones by using special apps like UKey Smart. 

online booking


UKey Smart is a special app that is helping people in these times of despair. It allows the customers to make a hotel room booking through their phones. The users can easily book the room that fulfills their requirements and pay the amount through UKey as well. 

Remote Check-in and Check-out:

To avoid people and hotel staff, people want smart check-ins where they don’t have to visit the hotel counter for confirmation. It is the need of the hour to make things as contactless as much possible. For the check-in process to be fast and safe, people want remote check-ins. 

Remote check-ins means the customer doesn’t have to visit the counter to do the room booking and providing information at the counter. In short, once booking is done, people can go directly to their hotel rooms. 

UKey Smart is built to fulfill all the requirements of the people that love travelling. For their safety and ease, it helps the users in fast check-ins. Customers can book a room in their favourite hotels and provide the required information.

Once they reach their hotels, hotel staff can easily recognize them and take them directly to their rooms. This saves the customers from all the hassle of going to counter. It saves time and resources of both hotels and their guests. 

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Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!


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