The Greatest Hospitality Reset! Contactless Self-Services Are Here To Stay After COVID-19

Covid-19 cases are finally getting lower and lower day by day. Life is becoming normal and businesses have started to open all over the world. These businesses have started deep research on the ways they can manage their revenues. Everyone is searching for different methods that can help them save costs and also maintain social distancing. Social distancing is the basis of the methods to avoid this virus. Since there is no cure or vaccine yet present for coronavirus, to keep everyone safe from it by protecting ourselves from the exposure. 

Coronavirus spreads by the oral transfer. Oral transfer includes breathing in the contaminated air or touching your face with contaminated hands. Hands get contaminated when we try to do our daily tasks bare handed and touch all the highly used points. In the hospitality industry where millions of people visit a place on a daily basis, there are 100% more chances of getting infected. 

Now to make your hospitality industry, or should i say your hotel properties safer for your guests, it is time to upgrade the traditional ways of hotel services. This pandemic has further emphasized the need of contactless services. Contactless services means to make everyday tasks contact-free and with least contact there are far less chances to get infected. 

It is time to add smart innovations to your hotels like UKeySmart. UkeySmart is a special software that helps its users to have a contactless experience throughout their trip and visit to a hotel. It allows its users to do many things with their mobile phones.

UkeySmart is an  app that has been developed for smartphones to reduce and stop anything that’d put customers at the risk of being in high-touch points. As it puts its users behind the screen of their phones and not behind control hardware that is accessible to a countless other people, UkeySmart is setting the pace in enhancing hygiene standards. UkeySmart boasts of features that lets users control features like light, A.C, lock, television and many other things from their phones. Some of UkeySmart’s places and way of eliminating high touch points are ;

1.) Arrival point: Reduce all forms of engagement on arrival at the hotel as bookings can be managed before arrival at the hotel with your mobile phones. 

2.) Check-in process; This will make it faster and efficient with hassle-free and effortless engagements at hotels.

3.) Room access; UkeySmart’s digital key cards got you covered in locking and unlocking your room with just a tap on your mobile phones.

4.) In-room controls: Devices like the AC, television, light and other things often tend to be controlled from things that many other people also can have access to, UkeySmart intends to change the narrative by personalizing the narrative and providing all kinds of room controllers in your mobile phones. 

5.) Concierge services: Normally one would have to roll over to a land phone before one can reach the concierge. Instead of that and putting ourselves at risk, UkeySmart intends to use something that we always have on us, our phones. 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKeySmart!

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