The Game Changer in Hospitality Industry: UKeySmart

In the time of global pandemic and social distancing, when everyone is scared to touch and contact with other people. UkeySmart is here to help all!

We know everyone is looking for ways to get things done without reaching out to different people. Everyone is searching for one way or another to complete their daily tasks without coming in contact with different people or different things. So in these times of despair, UkeySmart brings a solution to all the problems related to fear of the people.
Let us take an overview of what UKey Smart is?
UKey Smart is a specialized app that can assist everyone whether you belong to the hospitality industry or not. It is a touch less technology that helps the users to do their daily life tasks remotely and safely. It allows its users to remotely access all kinds of hotels and concierge services through their mobile phones. Since today everyone uses smartphones and believes that their smartphones are safer to touch and use. So UKey Smart helps them stay in their safe zone and allows them to control all kinds of hotel services through their phones. Just tap on their phone screens and work is completed.
Some of the major features of UKey Smart that can help people in social distancing and this pandemic times are:
Manage Personal Info: We all know the first step to book a room in the hotel is to go on their counter and feed in your personal info. So UKey Smart can help you avoid all this. You can add the personal info through UkeySmart. Users can document their private data and even add their photo ID. This will help the hotel staff to recognize their customers, and they can assist you without even going to the lengthy process of booking a hotel room.
Fast Check-in: We know we all want to avoid the process of booking rooms and entering the hotels after proper check-ins. In this whole process, there are many chances to come in contact with people and many different things. UkeySmart helps in this situation by offering a hassle-free and fast check-in in the hotels. The effort less engagements at the hotels will help the users to move to their rooms safely and quickly.
Smart Room Control: With the growing fear of touching various things and getting infected, UkeySmart wants all its users to be safe and healthy. You see UKey is special in many ways. In this condition, it provides its users with built-in room controls for room lighting, TV, etc. You can control the lighting, room temperature, TV, and many other devices in your room through your mobile phones. The smart remotes in your phone will help you avoid all unnecessary things in your room, keeping you safe and sound.
Room Service: If you want to avoid most of the people on your visit to the hotel, UKey smart can help you by providing access to all kinds of room and hotel services. You can order your meal, ask for your favorite pillow and many more things with just a tap on your phone.
Manage Booking: If you are wondering which hotel you stayed in last time or what services you asked for in your last visit to any of the hotels, it’s easy to keep a record of your bookings. You can manage your data and keep a record of your visit to any of the hotels around the world. You can make notes of the services you used and what things you required in your previous visits.
For the hotels, it would be great to know the exact things and services your customers want. You can give special treatments and services to your older customers and make predictions for their next visits.
Concierge: If you want to access the best concierge services of the hotels in which you are staying, but also want to avoid different menus and people to order something to eat. In this case, UKey would help you access all kinds of best concierge services offered by your hotel.
“So long story short, if you want to travel and also want to stay safe and social distance from all people, UKey Smart will help you in all these cases. With our touch-less remote technology, you can access the best services without contacting anything or anyone.”

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