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How the Right Software Can Help Hoteliers Optimize Operations in the Next Normal

Wearing a mask and avoiding contact with people around us is the new normal that is given to us by this global pandemic. The only thing that the coronavirus taught us is that mere touching things used by others can easily get infected with many deadly diseases. All of us never worried about such things […]

The Next Evolution of Hotel Staff and Guest Safety: Contact-less Check-In and Check-out

As the hospitality industry transitions to a contactless environment, technologies like UKey Smart will have long-term investment benefits; we are already seeing a need for contactless employee check-in/-out. With planned integration to payroll companies and timecard entry systems, it only makes sense to add contactless Check-ins to the mix. COVID-19 is the first pandemic of […]

Holiday Travelers Will Expect a New CX this Year

This global lockdown has changed the lifestyle of each and every one of us. Not only we are more concerned about our health and hygienic environment but also the way we carry out our daily tasks. So when it comes to travelling, there are many of us who want to travel as winter and Christmas […]

6 Misconception Hotel Owners Have About Mobile App

In this world, there is not a single industry that has not been penetrated by mobile apps. All of us have used and are using hundreds of different mobile apps. Whether it be for leisure purposes or for work, without them we can’t spend a single day comfortably because we are so used to them […]

Disruption Drives The Hospitality Industry To Innovation

The pandemic has left everyone speechless. With lockdowns imposed all over the world, it has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and thousands of businesses closed. On a brighter slide, it is time to take a step and change the lifestyle. People belonging to whichever industry around the world, it is time to […]

How Covid-19 Has Accelerated Digital Transformation For The Hospitality Industry?

Covid-19 has affected each and everyone of us. It has affected and altered all the industries present around the world. People have changed their lifestyles and everyone is now more concerned for their health. Everyone now wants a hygienic environment to work in. Schools and all the educational institutes are forced to follow the SOPs. […]

How To Leverage Tightly Integrated Systems To Build Guest Profiles And Share Data In Real Time

Sharing of the information is a critical process. It can cause major issues if mishandled. Now there is the copyright issue but sometimes it also becomes a cyber crime. For the hospitality industry, the data of the guests is a critical piece of work that had to be handled with extra care. Every year thousands […]

How To Connect With Guests In A Completely New Way Post Covid-19

This pandemic has not only taught mankind the basic rules of safety but also helped genius minds to innovate new things. In these times of crisis, modern technology is the only thing that is helping people to stay safe as well as save major costs. People all over the world want to digitize everything and […]