Social Hygiene And Saving Costs: Expectations vs. Reality

Social hygiene is becoming the new normal. Governments all over the world are implementing new rules and regulations to maintain social hygiene at every public place possible. Some rules are necessary like wearing a mask everywhere you go and keep your hands sanitized.But what about the hospitality industry where millions of people visit everyday. Everyone has to travel for one reason or more. So to keep them safe, everyone needs to play its part. If a person will keep himself covered and fully sanitized, then he can not only himself but also all the people around him. 

The coronavirus pandemic has the most devastating effects on the hospitality industry around the world. This is mainly because of the lock-down and ban on traveling and tourism around the world. This lock-down has caused many businesses to shut down and millions of people have lost their jobs. But some people in our society still have some high expectations from the hospitality industry. 

Expectations: Some of the expectations people have from the hospitality industry are as follows:

Social Hygiene: People expect that not wearing a mask inside the hotel will keep them safe. They think that it is Hotel’s duty to keep them safe in this pandemic. Also if they get infected in their hotels, then it’s all the fault of the staff and owners of the hotels.

Saving Costs: People think that the hospitality industry has lots of money as they have luxurious rooms and properties. All the beautiful lighting and the maintenance inside the hotel makes them rich and always has millions of money. 

Reality: Above mentioned things are actually the general thinking of people around the world. What they don’t know is that the hospitality industry is one of the most affected industries in this lock-down. Many big and small hotels have been closed for months now, leaving millions of people jobless. So it’s time to face the reality:

Social Hygiene: Hotels can only keep you safe when the people will assist them. Hotels can place sanitizers everywhere and sanitize the rooms but if all the guests and staff don’t cooperate, then it’s all useless. Also if people will wear masks inside the hotels then this will keep them and the people around them safer and make the whole environment more hygienic.

Saving Costs: Hospitality industry is facing a major crisis of its time. So everyone, whether at a major post or not, is having major losses. Many people have lost their jobs. Majority of the small hotels have shut down all around the world. 

So like all that glitters is not gold, just like that, all the things we think about the hospitality industry are not true. So let’s face reality and cooperate with the hospitality industry as much as we can.

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