Revenue Survival: It’s Time To Get Smart

The one thing corona virus has taught everyone is that we need to look beyond our traditional ways in running our businesses. The time spent in lockdown has let everyone to reflect on their method of earning. For the hospitality industry, it was the golden chance to take a deep look into their businesses. What were the ways the hotels faced losses and what innovations they can adopt to cope with the revenue loss during this lock down.

This pandemic has shut down businesses all around the world. Now as the lock down is being lifted in most parts of the world, it’s time for the strategists to look into cost effective ways to run a business.  It’s time to run your businesses in a more agile and smart way. Major hotel brands all around the world are already looking for cost effective technologies for their hotels. These cost effective solutions include PMS, cloud technology, contact less mobile technology etc. 

Now is not the time to do things the way they have always been done. Now is a time for transformation. We are facing volatile demand and operating with leaner teams. The way in which we work and the tools that we use need to be fully optimized.

For Revenue Professionals to maximize revenue opportunities in this environment, they need access to complete, modern technology systems that are Smart, Agile, and Efficient. Some of the cost effective technologies for hotels that will help in the revenue survival are the smart contact less technologies like UKeySmart. Smart technologies are taking over the world in every field of life. Now people prefer to do their every task through their mobile phones. As they think their mobile phones are safer and hygienic to use. 

So why not take this opportunity to try a smart way in revenue survival of your business. The only smart way the hospitality industry can adopt is the Contact less Mobile Technology. And the only company that is providing all kinds of hospitality services contact less is UKeySmart. It is specialized software that works completely through the mobile phones of the users.

How Smart Technology like UKeySmart will help in Revenue Survival?

Since this pandemic and lock-down started, many businesses all around the world have suffered great losses. It has shut down many businesses and small hotels all over the world. So people are now looking for new ways to save money as much as possible. Some are reducing the number of lights in a room and others are closing down small branches of their companies. 

So in this time of despair, UKey has stepped forward to help the hospitality industry in every way possible. With UKey Smart the cost of all the electric appliances in the hotel room reduces to half. Since using UKey Smart, all the lights, TV and AC are controlled remotely through your mobile phone. This reduces the energy consumption by the electronics and helps you save a major amount of money and energy. 

Some tricks to save money using UKey: Ukey Smart is an advanced app that helps everyone to control things:

  • No need of plastic key cards to unlock the doors
  • No need to waste money over the switch boards and room controllers
  • Reduce the usage time of all the appliances
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • No need of landline to dial for room services
  • No need to make menus of the concierge services of the hotel
  • No need for extra staff as check-ins would be completely automated.

So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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