Restoring Guests Trust with UkeySmart

The pandemic and lockdown life has left an everlasting mark on the lives of all the human beings around the world. Now humans are more concerned about their hygiene and clean environment. One of the worst side effects of this lockdown and pandemic is that people no more trust anyone or anything around them. They are scared of touching different things and meeting different people. But it is inevitable to live a life in isolation where you don’t have to meet with anyone.

In the hospitality industry, people are more worried about hygiene and cleanliness. Everyone wants to feel safe within the hotels too. People have lost their trust in everything. Today everyone has suspicion of the places they visit or people they meet. They keep themselves covered and keep a sanitizer with them. People avoid hand shakes and try to complete their everyday tasks without even touching anything. They don’t believe in the hygienic assurances given by the hotels nor do they fully trust the staff members to be healthy. 

But everyone has to travel and the hospitality industry is in action to do everything they can to achieve back the trust of their guests. Every small and big hotel around the world is renovating and implementing new rules and regulations to make their guests and staff safe in their properties. Hotels are now more and more disinfected and less crowded by hosting the least number of people in their hotels. Many hotels have started to upgrade their systems and bring smart keyless technology as much as possible.

How will UKey Smart is going to help hotels to restore their guests’ trust?

UKey Smart is a specialized app that covers all the basic needs of the guests. All the services that guests require in the hospitality industry are provided in this app. With UKey Smart, guests can:

Online booking: Guests won’t have to visit the counter to book a room, instead just a tap in their mobile screen will get everything done.

Contact less check ins: How wonderful it would be, when we don’t have to visit crowded places just for the sake of checking in. Now with UKeySmart guests are directly taken to their rooms. 

Digital key: Unlocking the room doors with mobile phones is becoming the new norm. With UKeySmart, guests will unlock their doors with a tap on their mobile phone.

Room & Concierge Services: Everything that a guest requires, whether a room service or concierge service, UKey provides everything to the guests. This will make the people feel more safe and secure in their hotel visits.

So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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