Remote Personalization: Connecting Guests Through Technology

After an estimated $20 billion dollar loss through Covid-19, hoteliers and the hospitality industry overall is facing record crises.  One of the few challenges they are facing is the adaptation to new requirements to restart the hotels. Increased health and safety demands have created major barriers in the normal operations of the hotels. But to impose new rules to overcome these barriers, there is a need for more staff and more capital, but the lockdown conditions have caused decrease in revenues and huge restrictions on the personnel’s in a hotel.

So the next major challenge that the hospitality will face is the connection of guests with their hotels. Hospitality industry had made personalized experience for the guests after decades but now with the social distancing, everything has come to a halt. Public concerns have skyrocketed and maintaining physical distancing has compromised the customer care a lot. Now the path to  personalized care of guests is daunting and unclear.

While this pandemic has everlasting effects, our 21st century has provided us solutions for everything through technology. Today, everyone is moving to integrated softwares and guest technologies to adapt to the change in life. It is only smart technology that is making it possible to execute new health and safety protocols without increasing the staff number and using much capital. The hospitality sector is already adopting new long term tech strategies.

Now is the time for hoteliers to invest in smart solutions, adopt technology as an inevitable part of the industry, and get creative with the ways they can extend their customer experience. 

Smart Personalization: Smart Personalization means to keep a smart record of their customers. In this record it is important to save many minor things like what they ate, what room temperature they wanted, how their room furniture should be and many more things. So keeping a digital record for them, and whenever they visit next, predict what they want and providing all the things will make the customers more happy and satisfied. 

So smart technology is keeping the record of the customers and when they revisit, predict what they want and provide the best services and the customers become more satisfied.

Smarter Solutions: UKey Smart is highly specialized and well developed software that helps all the hotels in personalization. Along with providing Smart controls of the rooms, UKey Smart also helps in personalization by keeping the record of all the customers of a hotel. 

So when a person uses Ukey Smart, data is saved about that person including all the room services he used and all the room controls he used. So the hotels have a better way to provide the related services to their customers. All the data is kept highly classified and secret. Customer’s privacy is also ensured.

Creative Concierge: Most bookings are made online and the check-in process is moving in the same direction, with many hotels investing in facial-recognition technology. After recent accelerations in the industry, guest-recognition systems can accelerate check-in with speed, accuracy and security. Some platforms can integrate with any access-control system, allowing it to be part of a more personalized guest experience.

Hotels using UKey-Smart have updated all kinds of services, so that their guests can have safe and comfortable stay at their hotels. For the concierge services, in other hotels people had to use the landline in their rooms to order their required meals. 

But in the hotels using UKey-Smart, guests have access to all kinds of concierge services provided by the hotels. They can order their required meal by using their mobile phones through the UKey-Smart.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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