Ready To Re-open All the Hotel Departments?

This pandemic has shaken the world especially the hospitality industry. Everyone is waiting for it to be over as the lockdown has caused huge loss to businesses all around the world. Everyone knows that nothing will be the same after the lockdown is over. People will be scared of crowded places and try social distancing at all costs.

With the lockdown getting lighter in many countries around the world, the hospitality industry is also preparing to re-open its all departments. But it will be gradual and done after a complete risk assessment. All the departments will face many restrictions to keep their staff as well as their guests safe from Coronavirus.

Here are a few tips for all the departments that hotels need to work on if they are getting ready to re-open, and how Ukey Smart is gonna help them?

Front Office / Reservations:

With the advancements in technologies used in the hospitality industry, everyone wants to book their hotel rooms online where they don’t have to contact anyone personally. For this many hotels are using services like UKey Smart. UKey Smart is a special app that helps its users to book a room in their favourite hotel through their mobile phones.

Also, the hotels receive complete information of the guests that help the staff in recognition and hence take them directly to their rooms. No hassle needed to visit the front desk for reservations.




F&B and Restaurant:

The Food and Beverages department is the backbone of all the hotels as all the customers remember the taste of the food they had in the hotel. But to practice effective SOPs and social distancing, make a distance of 6ft between the tables in your restaurants. Also, create a reopening menu that will attract the attention of the guests and give your hotels greater values.

For a smart update, hotels can have special smart technologies like UKey Smart that helps the guests to order their required concierge service through their phones. This way they don’t have to visit the restaurants or the counters. Also this way the guests will feel safe when they don’t have to encounter different people or touch different things in their rooms.




For the Engineering department, all the hotels need to update their lock systems. As door locks are the only thing that is used by all kinds of people whether it be a guest or a staff. So it is need of the hour to update the lock and security system with smart contactless technology like UKey smart.


Contactless Unlock:

Using the Smart Key, you don’t have to touch the room locks to unlock the room and enter. Our smart technology works through BlueTooth, so by using your mobile phone, unlock the doors in a tap.



Remote controls:

To avoid Covid-19, all of us are more cautious to touch different things in a hotel room. So, Ukey smart helps you in this by providing a fully functional remote control for the lighting, TC and AC of the room.



These are some of the tips and ways for all the hotels that are thinking to reopen after this pandemic. But UKey Smart is a special app that allows its users to make a record of their visit to hotels. Also, they can have fast check-ins and checkouts, that helps them in maintaining social distancing and follow all the coronavirus SOPs.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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