Ready to Control Everything Through Your Mobile Phone?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do everything through your mobile phones? With the advancements in science and technology, everyone is trying to develop new ways and methods to do everyday tasks. Like book a room online through your mobile phones or even unlock the room doors with just a tap on your mobile phone screens. This pandemic has affected the ways we spend our daily lives routine. Everyone is now scared of touching things when outside their homes. They feel insecure about their surroundings and people they meet. 

But how long can we stay home and be frightened of this virus? With the evolution in science and technology, the hospitality industry also needs to update their systems. This update is needed for the hour to help people escape the fear of coronavirus and make them feel safe in their surroundings. Hotels need to update their systems and services. From contact less check ins to online room services, everything should be done through their mobile phones. 

One of the main ways to make people safe in your hotels is by providing them all sorts of hotel services in their mobile phones. Since everyone has a smart phone with them, that they trust more than anything. Everyone thinks that their mobile phone is not contaminated and it is safer to use. So why not use the technologies that work through your mobile phones. 

UKey Smart is the new growing technology that is helping people in this time of distress. With its contact less technology it is helping people avoid crowded places and touch different things that are present in the hotel rooms. One of the main features that makes UKey Smart unique are the Room Controllers present in it. Yes, you heard it right. UKey Smart provides all kinds of Room controllers in your mobile phones. Now there is no need to reach out different room controllers present in the room to switch on the lights, TC or even AC. With a tap on your phone, you can control all the electronics in your hotel room.

Since coronavirus spreads mainly when we touch the things contaminated with virus, and use that hand to eat something or touch our eyes etc. So, in this case, to keep your staff and your guests safe, the best option is about providing all the services in their mobile phones. Some of the main controllers provided by UKey Smart are as follows:

Light Switch: Ever wondered if we could turn on the lights without touching the switches in the hotel rooms. Well, UkeySmart provides all sorts of light switches in your mobile phones. Just a tap on the screen will turn on or off the light you want. You can even set the intensity of the light lamps placed in your hotel rooms. Hence makes everything contact less and easy to access.

TV Controller: Hotel rooms have many things that are used by each and every guest that visit and use the rooms. One of the things if the TV controller. Since every person who stays in a hotel room, watch movies, news etc. to better spend their time. So, for the convenience and the safety of the guest and the staff, UKey Smart provides all sorts of TV controller in your mobile phone. You can turn on or off the TV, change the channel and even turn up and down the volume. 

AC Controller: Just like the TV Controller provided by the UKey Smart, you can also have an AC controller in your mobile phones. So, it is easier and safer to use your mobile phones to turn on or off the AC and even the set the temperature of your room. Everything under your control.

Benefits: Mobile room controllers have endless benefits both for the hotel staff and the guests who visit the hotels. Some of the benefits are:

  • Safety from Corona-virus: It saves you from coronavirus when you don’t have to touch anything in your room and get infected.
  • Convenient: It is convenient for all the people to just use your mobile phones to control everything, rather than getting up from bed and reaching out to all the room controllers.
  • Easy to use: Everything is provided under one screen, and with a tap you have access to all kinds of controllers.
  • Saves costs and resources: With UKey Smart, guests can do most of the things through their mobile phones, so hotels don’t have to spend money on many things. This saves them a lot of money which can later be used on other important tasks.
  • More Eco-friendly:  With the high pollution rate and global warming all around the world, people are now more concerned about the ways they carry out their everyday tasks. They try to opt for all those methods that are more Eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment.

But the hotels using UKey-Smart, have made their ways greener by reducing the usage of Plastic controllers as the guests can easily control the lights, the Tv and Ac through their mobile phones.

So, what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKeySmart!

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