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The world has changed drastically for the last six months. Many of the things that people did in their daily routine are no longer possible now. To help ensure safety and to handle the increased health concerns in the public, hotels all over the world have started to use contactless hospitality technologies.

contactless technology

Ukey smart is the only app that has the potential to help you drive more traffic to your hotel while providing a complete contactless experience to the guests. Having direct traffic and direct bookings is a huge benefit for the hotels overall. Simply it means that you will not have to pay commissions on the booking, as you would when people book through a third party system.

Ukey Smart provides an easier way to market and allows you to present your hotel through our app. You can also let the visitors know exactly what kind of preventive measures your hotel is taking and eventually this will help you build a stronger relationship with your guests. Hence increasing their loyalty to your hotel and brands. Direct Booking is Easier:

Using UKey Smart, booking becomes very convenient and easy to use Some of the benefits of direct booking through UKey Smart are:

  • No long share profit with a third party website
  • Customers get better price insight.
  • More control over the contactless experience of the guests.
  • More customer data for better marketing in the future.
  • Personalize booking consoles for the guests
  • Provide clear booking and cancellation policies.

These are some of the few benefits that online booking brings in a hotel.

Manage Personal Info:

We all know the first step to book a room in the hotel is to go on their counter and feed in your personal info. So UKey Smart can help you avoid all this. You can add the personal info through Ukey Smart. Users can document their private data and even add their photo ID. This will help the hotel staff to recognize their customers, and they can assist you without even going to the lengthy process of booking a hotel room.

Manage Booking:

If you are wondering which hotel you stayed in last time or what services you asked for in your last visit to any of the hotels, it’s easy to keep a record of your bookings. You can manage your data and keep a record of your visit to any of the hotels around the world. You can make notes of the services you used and what things you required in your previous visits.

For the hotels, it would be great to know the exact things and services your customers want. You can give special treatments and services to your older customers and make predictions for their next visits.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated With UKey Smart!

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