Post Covid-19: Ways To Boost Your Business!

Recently a study has shown some of the main things that were common in most of the high growth hotels. That was the embracing and implication of modern technology in their businesses. Covid-19 has cleared the importance of contactless technologies and now it is time for the hospitality industry to provide all their services in digital form and make their guests feel safer. Beyond simply unlocking the cost saving benefits of modern technologies, there are a lot of ways in which technologies can make a hotel more efficient. And eventually this will increase the growing demands of guests for contactless technology. 

There are various companies like UKeySmart in the market that are working day and night to make products that can help the guests to have a contactless visit. But apart from adapting modern technologies there were other things like strategy and innovative solutions that help the top hotels to grow and succeed. This makes the trip to hotels high-touch to high tech points and accelerates the overall digital transformation. 

We have gathered a few ways that can help your hotels grow better and recover from lock-down economic crises by following these basic technology principles: 

  • Technology adoption: Today no one can deny the importance and usefulness of the technology. And for the hospitality industry it is now becoming a vital part that is helping everyone to save major costs and make the properties more hygienic and safer.  For example, UKeySmart is an efficient company that is providing contactless services to the hospitality industry. With UKey Smart the cost of all the electric appliances in the hotel room reduces to half. Since using UKeySmart, all the lights, TV and AC are controlled remotely through your mobile phone. This reduces the energy consumption by the electronics and helps you save a major amount of money and energy. 


  • Strategist with innovation: Once you know which technology works best for your hotels, it is time to make strategies for the business growth implementing the innovations you used. Make strategies that will meet both the hotel operations and guests needs. So build your strategies around these opportunities to accelerate digital transformation in your hotels.


  • Make Security a priority:  Recent studies have made one thing very clear and it’s the security levels they use. The whole hospitality industry has enormous data of their guests as well as their staff too. So now it is time to update the hotels and professionalization must be delivered digitally. It is very important to keep your guests’ trust and ensure their data is safe and secure.


  • Focus on guest experience:  It is time to use the modern technologies to deliver a personalized experience to the guests. With UKey Smart, you can keep a record of your guests last experience at your hotels. This way the next time they visit your hotels, you will know what services they used last time and hence provide their required services and make them special in every visit. This increases the real-time experiences in guests and hence the hotels will never lose their customers.

So now as you prepare your strategy, keep these basic principles in mind and make sure to find a technology partner like UKey Smart that enables you to stay flexible as market demands and guest needs evolve. 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKeySmart!

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