Mobile Revolution: Traveling With New Technology


Travelling is part of life, whether you are visiting your relatives in another city or meeting for business in new countries. Everyone likes and has to travel in this world for one purpose to another. This is because everyone likes to visit new places. Just as each individual is unique, travel preferences vary differently while travelling. Some people who are middle aged or old, like to use their physical maps and notepads to make the journals and have a better guide, as they are not fond of using smartphones and its numerous features. But for the younger people, everything depends upon their smartphones.

Today, with easy access to mobile phones to all kinds of people and people of all ages, everyone is more dependent upon their mobile phones than anything else. Everyone spends most of its time using their mobile phones so when travelling why not use the smartphones. Smartphones have made life so easier and convenient by providing us with all kinds of services at one place. So when we have to travel, this small gadget comes in much handy. 

Mobile Revolution means the incorporation of mobile phones usage in all fields of life. This is because mobile phones have provided us with all sorts of services like a camera, a calculator and even a watch. People prefer to have a smartphone rather than a watch or camera. So during travelling, mobile phones have revolutionized each and every step with its contactless fast and convenient services.


Some of the examples mobile phones have revolutionized the travelling are as follows:

Online Booking:

There are various platforms in the market like UKey Smart that are providing enormous online services worldwide. With mobile applications like UKey smart, you can book a room at your favorite hotel. In addition, on your arrival to the hotel you are provided with all sorts of contactless services. Upon arrival, you can have contactless check-ins that means you don’t need to visit the front desk and the staff will be directly to your room. This makes the whole process more convenient and safe as you don’t have to visit crowded places or stand in long queues.


With easy access to Google Maps, you can get the insights of the destinations in the matter of minutes. With the online maps, you have access to every single place around the world. You can mark the historical places and highlight the shortest way to them, this makes the trip easy and hassle free. 

online booking

Make New Memories:

If you want to make a journal during your trip, all you need is a fully charged mobile phone. That will not only save your words in a document but also helps in you seizing the moment by taking pictures of that place. This makes the place more memorable.

New technology continues to play a larger role in the travel scene. The ability to individually plan your trip has led to travel trends such as solo female travel. Travelers want to have access to all information about a destination, including their tickets, maps, camera, and travel guide. Now you can focus more on traveling, and less on planning and carrying a million devices and important documents. The future of travel after the mobile revolution is relying on your smartphone for everything you need, including most importantly your tickets.

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