Meeting Hotel Cleanliness and Distancing Standards Post-Coronavirus -Ukey Smart

Since the lock-down is being lifted over in most parts of the country now, hotel guests have also started to return. But now cleanliness is a critical factor for both guests and staff in a hotel. We all know before Covid-19 all the hotels compete with each other over factors like prime location, comfort and quality of service. And now the industry must prepare for the new primary quality: cleanliness!

Hoteliers all over the world are seeking ways to overcome a declined sense of trust in public and all the public spaces will need to re-examine how services and amenities are offered in order to regain the confidence of their guests. 

But how do properties ensure that guests have an enjoyable and safe stay?

Here is a list of new procedures and technologies that hotels can use to limit the virus exposure:

Prevent Germ Exposure: In situations where soap/water is not available, alcohol-based sanitizer is recommended, touchless where possible. Dispensers shall be placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas, including lobby reception areas and employee entrances.

Employees shall wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, after any of the following activities:

  • Using the restroom
  • Sneezing
  • Touching the face
  • Cleaning
  • Smoking, eating, drinking
  • Accepting items from a guest (ID, cash, credit card, key card)
  • Taking a break
  • Before a shift and as needed throughout the shift

Remove Shared Items: In the guest rooms, consider removing high touch components like pen, paper, and guest directory. Instead, supplement with digital or available upon request. Also, remove soap the dispensers and replace them with single-use items.

In this UKey Smart comes into action. Since UKey Smart provides all kinds of Room services in the mobile phone of the guests. This helps them avoid touching useless things like light controls and Tv remotes etc. 

Also this helps the hotels save major costs when they don’t have to waste money on the plastic key-cards or remote controllers of the guests room. On the other hand, This increases the guests’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Guest Confidence: Hotels can achieve back their guests confidence and loyalty by providing them contact less services. Contact less services include:

Fast Check Ins: So the guests don’t have to visit the front office to make a booking.

Digital key: Guests can unlock the doors with their mobile phones.

Digital room controllers:To avoid touching things shared by many.

Smart Services: Every room and concierge service in their mobile phones.

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