Leveraging PMS Technology Integration to Increase Hotel Revenues in 2021 

This year’s budget season for hotels is a difficult affair as the covid-19 pandemic has stopped everyone of us in many things. Today the hoteliers cannot use the past year budget playbooks to accurately forecast 2021. Despite the widespread uncertainty from the coronavirus, we can still depend on a few trends to guide our approach, specifically those involving the use of technology to create a contactless and largely automated guest experience. 

PMS providers make substantial strides to give hoteliers the functionalities they need for addressing viral safety. Logically then, you can work to evolve your property by leaning into your PMS. Or, if your current supplier isn’t able to help you realize the cost savings and revenue gains outlined below, now is the time to investigate other options.

In looking for ways in which hotels can get more out of their key software providers, sought out UKey Smart, a smart software company which is somewhat unexpectedly emerging as a hospitality tech hub. 

UKey Smart has worked to build a robust core for all other components in a property’s tech environment so that guests can feel safe and access everything in a touchless manner. But that’s not enough heading into 2021. Guest behavior has permanently changed, and the only way forward is to make everything frictionless so that any service can be packaged, promoted and provided while maintaining a leaner team.

The Great Technology Reset:

The Great Technology Reset for the hospitality industry is the need of the hour. We’re already seeing software platforms like UKey Smart help connect the numerous dots in the guest service communications and management chain.

If you haven’t completed the all-but-required Covid-19 safety upgrades, some of the features that UKey Smart highlighted as part of a proficient PMS include:

  • Self check-in and check-out
  • Mobile guest room keys
  • Text-based guest messaging with a two-way PMS interface
  • Mobile payments
  • COVID-19 cleaning checklists
  • F&B and amenity integrations
  • Digital feedback portals with instant alerts
  • Guest profile segmentation for one-to-one digital marketing
  • Mobile Controllers for hotel room devices  


The main advantages of activating these features already inscribed by your PMS start with how they help restore guest confidence – particularly for groups – by ensuring a safe stay. Secondly, building a mobile-centric and largely touchless guest experience will enable hotels to promote privacy and seclusion which are now top drivers for leisure bookings. And thirdly, most of these features are bundled within a subscription fee so that a tangible ROI can be quickly achieved both from increased reservation numbers as well as labor cost reductions.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!



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