It’s Time for the Hospitality Industry to Build Back Better!

Since bans on the lockdown are being lifted in most parts of the world. It is time for the reopening of businesses and hotels all around the world. But since people are more concerned about their health and hygienic environment, it is time for the hospitality industry to build back better. Everyone is looking for new ways and innovations to adopt to reopen their businesses. So in this time of distress, Ukey smart has stepped forward to help out everyone. 

We know it is a hard time for the hospitality industry. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Many businesses are about to close and face major losses. To cope with this loss, it is time for the hospitality industry to update their strategy with the help of UKeySmart. UkeySmart is a highly multi-functional software that helps people in saving major costs and maintain social distancing in the properties.

How UKeySmart works?

Ukeysmart works totally by the user’s mobile phones. Since the one thing pandemic taught us is the importance of contactless technology. Because it’s the contactless methods that would save everyone from getting infected. So UKeySmart provides the users with all kinds of contactless services during their visit to a hotel. 

What Strategies do you need to adapt?

UKeySmart wants everyone to be safe and have a healthy hygienic visit to the hotels. For the hotels it is a great opportunity to bring major profits and hygienic environment to their properties. Following are some ways you can have all of these:

Upgrade Check in process: It is time for an upgrade of the traditional ways of check in a hotel with modern digital systems like UKey Smart. With this, the check in process would become completely contactless and faster. Hence, there is no need to add extra staff at the reception desk.

Digital Mobile key card: One of the major causes of revenue loss in hotels is because of the plastic key cards that not only pollute the environment but also malfunction and  also there are huge chances of getting hacked. But with UKeysmart, it is time to switch over to digital mobile keys that are safer to use and convenient to handle and manage. Also why waste money on the key cards that eventually get lost or malfunction and become completely useless.

Better Social hygiene: Now is the perfect time to take all the contactless technologies that provide social hygiene in the time of pandemic. To provide your guests a better hygienic environment, everyone needs contactless services where they don’t have to interact with many people. 

Save major Costs: UkeySmart is an advanced app that helps everyone to control things 

  • No need of plastic key-cards to unlock the doors
  • No need to waste money over the switch boards and room controllers
  • Reduce the usage time of all the appliances
  • No need of landline to dial for room services
  • No need to make menus of the concierge services of the hotel
  • No need for extra staff as check-ins would be completely automated.

Try a free demo and see for yourself how UKeySmart will help you in this time of distress. 

Stay Safe, stay Updated with UkeySmart!

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