Impress Your Guests With Room Automation Services

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Ever wondered what it would be like to control the lights and TV through your mobile phones? With the growth in science and technology, everyone now wants complete control over the devices in their rooms. For this, technology has provided us with numerous mobile applications. Today, in this time of pandemic, when everyone is scared to touch many things, UKey smart has brought a solution to this. 

Room automation means to take control of your room devices without touching their controllers. With UKey Smart it has now become very easy to take control of the devices in your hotel rooms through your smartphones. This will take the guests experience to the highest level possible. 

Some of the benefits of room automation are:

  • Save guests from viruses:

Since most of the viruses like coronavirus spreads through touch, so its hard to disinfect each and every item in the hotel rooms. For this, room controllers in the mobile phones help the guests stay safe.

  • Convenient: eco friendly

it is convenient to use smartphone room controllers when no one would have to get up from their places to reach out to the room controllers. 

  • Reliability: 

With room controllers in smartphones, there are less chances of them getting malfunctioned. 

  • Saves Cost:

Why spend money on different room controllers for different devices in the room? When UKey Smart provides all-in-one.

  • Eco- friendly: 

Get rid of the plastic room controllers, that once malfunction become useless. Try smartphone room controllers that are eco friendly and don’t cause any kind of pollution.

Smart Room Control with UKey Smart:

With the growing fear of touching various things and getting infected, Ukey Smart wants all its users to be safe and healthy. You see UKey is special in many ways. In this condition, it provides its users with built-in room controls for room lightings, TV, etc. You can control the lighting, room temperature, TV, and many other devices in your room through your mobile phones. The smart remotes in your phone will help you avoid all unnecessary things in your room, keeping you safe and sound.


So what are you waiting for? Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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