How UKey Smart Can Help You Save Energy & Resources?

The world is changing. Mankind has utilized most of the natural resources and eventually caused pollution and global warming. But now everyone is searching for green and eco-friendly ways and methods, they can adapt to minimize pollution and save the Earth.

With modern technological advancements, science has provided all kinds of eco-friendly techniques in every field of life. The hospitality industry is not that far behind. Many hotels around the world have taken special initiatives to make their hotel system more eco friendly.  Some have started to make green roofs and others have reduced the use of plastics.

But how can UKey Smart help the hotels to be more Eco- friendly?

The answer lies in the special features of the UKey Smart. It is one highly functioning app that thinks more of its users and the whole world. It helps you book a room and gives you access to all room controllers. UkeySmart allows guests to check-in remotely, unlock the room, control room devices (light, AC, TV, etc) and request hotel services (Room services, Restaurants, SPA) through the App. some of the distinguishable features of UKey are:


Smart Key:

Smart keys are used widely all around the world. Once it malfunctions, it’s of no use and the plastic used in it takes millions of years to decay and this is causing land pollution all around the world.So UKey Smart provides its users with a smart key. A smart key is used through your mobile phone. A code is generated that is your key. And with a tap on your phone, will unlock the door.

No more need for the Plastic keys to unlock your rooms!!


Light Controllers:

One of the other major uses of plastic is in the switchboards for light switches. So to avoid this hassle and the plastic, UKey provides its customers with a better option. Everything is controlled through the phone. With a tap on your phone, turn on or off the lights in your hotel room.


AC/TV Controllers:

Similarly, remote controllers for AC and TV are widely used around the world. To minimize the use of plastic in these controllers, UKey gives all in one TV controller, that has all in-depth features to control all the features of the Tv, starting from volume control to selecting your favorite channel.

Now to manage your resources and to keep your business running effectively with the limited resources, UKey presents a special operational improvement like:


With UKeySmart, guests can book their rooms, and directly a room is assigned to them. This helps the hotels to save money by reducing the staff members as operations are completed remotely.

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