How To Manage Your Personal Information During a Trip?

The world is moving fast. We see hundreds of thousands of people connected through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. All of us input our personal information when creating an account anywhere without giving it a second thought. We are always ready to upload our pictures and drop check-ins of the places we visit.

But what we don’t know is that there are many people in this world who are ready to steal your personal information and use it for harmful causes. Every year hundreds of accounts are hacked, whether you are a celebrity or not. There is no system that is 100% reliable and protects your personal information.  Hackers can steal the information and can use it against you by publicizing your personal things or blackmail you.

The question that arises here is what about the hotels that ask for our complete information before booking a room. Is it safe? Will they keep it private? How many people will go through all your private information? And the list goes on.


In this time of distress, let UKey Smart help you in ways beyond your imaginations. UKeySmart is a specialized app that can assist everyone whether you belong to the hospitality industry or not. It is a touch less technology that helps the users to do their daily life tasks remotely and safely. It allows its users to remotely access all kinds of hotels and concierge services through their mobile phones. Since today everyone uses smartphones and believe that their smartphones are safer to touch and use. So UKey Smart helps them stay in their safe zone and allows them to control all kinds of hotel services through their phones. Just tap on their phone screens and work is completed.

How UKey Smart helps in managing your personal information?

UKeySmart has always chosen the best for its users. In this world where online theft is normal, UKey Smart smart helps you make wise choices and keep your personal information safe with you.

UKeySmart allows its users to book a room in their favourite hotels and instead of feeding all the information to the staff at the counter, users will input the information through their phones and only one staff member can access it then.




To manage your personal information with UKey Smart, will bring you countless benefits. Some of these are listed below:

  • Safe from Covid-19:

Since Covid-19 spreads through contact with other people, one can avoid its spread with UKeySmart. UKeySmart will help its users to book a room and provide their personal information through their mobile phones, so they don’t have to visit the counter or Front desk.

  • Fast Process:

When all the work is done through your mobile phones, why waste time on things like waiting in a long queue and following this lengthy process. When everything is online, you don’t have to visit the counter. The hotel staff recognizes you through the information you provide on UKey and take you directly to your room.

  • Safe and Secure:

When all your personal information is online, it is just shared to a person that will assist you. This way your information remains in the safe hands and the hotel staff keeps it secure for you.

So what are you waiting for? Try UKey Smart and make yourself safe and secure.

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