How To Have Contactless Check-ins during Covid-19?

In this world of Covid-19, everyone is scared to touch anything during their trip. But people have to travel around the world for business purposes or even personal trips. We can’t deny the fact that tourism and travelling bring a lot of profits and funds in a country. Also it gives out a positive image of the country to the rest of the world.

Today, the effects of Covid-19 are slowly diminishing around the world. With this, many countries have ended the lock down and others are restarting the local tourism and travelling. But everyone is still scared to enter a hotel without contacting anyone.

The only way to avoid this virus is by restricting the number of places you visit or the people you meet. And if you have to meet people, proper social distancing of 6ft must be assured. According to WHO, this disastrous virus spreads when the contaminated particles from the infected person fall on different things and people with bare hands touch those surfaces. By this, these particles enter the body of other people when they eat and touch their faces with those contaminated hands.

But How will Smart Technology Like UKey Smart will Help in Fight against Corona virus?

This pandemic has highlighted the need of smart contact less technologies all around the world. Everyone wants their work remote and contact free, away from all the people.

UkeySmart is a special software that helps its users to have a contact less experience throughout their trip and visit to a hotel. It allows its users to do many things with their mobile phones. It has a vast range of features from managing personal information to order all sorts of hotel services with just a tap on their mobile phones.

One of the main features that makes UKey Smart most unique hospitality technology is its Smart Contact less Check In.

What is Contact less Check In?

Contact less check in is basically a smart way of hotel check ins where you don’t have to meet and interact with people or hotel staff at the counter of the room. As all the information would be provided beforehand through UKey Smart, there would be no need to wait in the queues and visit the counter to book your room.

Fast Check In with UKey Smart:

UKey Smart allows its users to book a room in their favorite hotels with just a tap on their mobile phones. So when a person books a room through UkeySmart, he provides all his personal information to the hotel he is visiting. The personal information includes the ID photo and other documents etc.

The hotel staff, once receiving your credentials, is waiting for your arrival as they know you are a guest at their hotels. So, once you arrive at the hotel, hotel staff recognizes you immediately and takes you directly to your room. No hassle to visit the counter or meet unnecessary people on your trip.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKeySmart

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