How to Avoid Using Keycards and Keys?

Today, most of the world is working in older or semi-modern offices where they have to use many keys to do different tasks. Like to use the elevator or unlock a door of the office and home, different keys are present. Also, why is that in this age of science and technology, people still have a bunch of keys with them. The world is moving fast. Now everything is done in a smart way using AI or smart electrical devices, to make the task easier and faster. No one wants to waste their time even a little bit. But what about the time when people have to spend time choosing the keys to their doors of homes and offices. It’s really becoming a frustrating and time-consuming procedure.

Worry not! As we bring to you all the ways you can use to eliminate this time wastage and complete usage of keys and keycards. Whether it be a hotel or rental property you live in, anyone can use these alternatives of keys to keep them safe and also avoid time wastage in every way possible.

Some of the ways to reduce the usage of keycards are as follows:


Multiple passes to one room:

Imagine if you are the manager of a company and your client or secretary needs to access your office but you are at home. What would you do?

Try using this new technology in which electric locks are installed that have different keys to unlock them. This way many people can access the same room



How about creating keys for different people of different importances. So a person with the highest authority has the most access to door locks in the property. That means the same key is used by everyone but the access is limited to different people. This makes the process easier and safer as there is no chance to steal the keys from the person.

Mobile unlocks:

Today a number of apps are present on both android and iPhone stores that provide you with digital keys to open the doors. Smart keys are used widely all around the world. Once it malfunctions, it’s of no use and the plastic used in it takes millions of years to decay and this is causing land pollution all around the world.

So UKey Smart provides its users with a smart key. A smart key is used through your mobile phone. A code is generated that is your key. And with a tap on your phone, will unlock the door.

No more need for the Plastic keys to unlock your rooms!!!


With UKey Smart, guests can book their rooms, and directly a room is assigned to them. This helps the hotels to save money by reducing the staff members as operations are completed remotely.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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