How Hospitality Can Get Better In This Period Using Your Mobile Phone

Every hotelier faces the question of the way to increase hotel sales. However, when you’re immersed within the day-to-day operation of your property it are often hard to ascertain the large picture, and getting the proper answers are often complex.
Some of the ways you can make your guest comfortable and increase your hotel sales within a month are listed below.
Making your website responsive: Making your website responsive and adaptive for mobile is not any longer an option, it is necessary and compulsory because more than 50% of people prefer to book for hotels using a mobile ready-made website which in turn increases hotel sales, having a mobile-ready site may be a must.
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The widespread nature of mobile technology is additionally changing consumers’ expectations. It’s not enough to possess a shrunken version of your website as your mobile page. Your mobile site must have its own unique design with a great personalized mobile experience. If you don’t optimize your site for mobile, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your hotel sales.
Having a Smart App that functions as a robot/automation: Don’t you think it is a great deal when mobile Apps can function like a robot, Just a click of what you want to be done ranging from putting on the fan to putting off the fluorescent light, Tv, washing machine, etc. All through your phone which in turn makes life easy and sweet Smart Home Applications are intelligently made to automate all operational process thereby functioning as a Robot which enables users to complete a desired task or action all through your phone or tablet.
Benefits of Using Smart Application like UkeySmart in this period for hoteliers: Check-in remotely, unlocks the room, control room devices (light, AC, TV, etc) and request hotel services (Room services, Restaurants, SPA) through the App. We aim to create a wholly new hospitality experience with great benefits for the hotel.

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