How Covid-19 Has Shaped The Future Of Travel?

Covid-19 has affected the world in a way no one could imagine. This pandemic has shown what are the things that matter the most. From health to better hygienic conditions to live in, other things including the fashion industry etc are left far behind. Today everyone needs a clean hygienic environment to live and avoid the diseases. This has become the top priority in every industry of the world. People will only return to their workplaces, if they are ensured a clean space. 

When talking about the hospitality industry, coronavirus has affected this industry the most. With this lock down imposed in all the countries, the travel and hospitality industry had come to a halt. It caused a major crisis and millions of people have lost their jobs around the world. But the good news is, the lock down is being lifted in most parts of the world and hence restarting the traveling and hospitality industry is a wave of fortune of millions of people. 

Nowadays, everyone has to travel, whether for leisure activities or for work. People have to travel country to country or city to city, but now with this pandemic, nothing’s been the same. People are more concerned about the places they visit. They are concerned about the people they meet. They are concerned about the things they have to use in public. They are concerned about the atmosphere of the places they visit. They are concerned about social distancing. People have to maintain social distancing in all the places they visit during a trip. 

With such concerns, it’s time for the travel industry to upgrade their systems. The traditional ways of the hospitality industry now, cannot ensure complete safety of their guests from this pandemic. To encounter these problems, it is time to change the system with smart technology at every phase possible. 

The future of the travel industry lies in the use of smart contact less technologies. These are the technologies that will provide a contact less interface to the guests. Since we all know that coronavirus spreads through the contact, contact with contaminated surfaces or contaminated air. So the only way to avoid this, is by switching everything with contact less technologies like UKey Smart. UKey Smart is a highly specialized app that helps their users during their trips from place to place. UKey Smart helps the users to book a room through their mobile phones and hence eliminating the phase of visiting the crowded places of front desks in a hotel.

Also with UKey Smart, Check Ins and Checkouts becomes very easy. Because when a person books a room through UKey, all his information is sent to the hotel beforehand. This saves the guests from hassle of visiting the front desk and contacting unnecessary people.

For the Hospitality Industry it will help them save major costs and maintain social hygiene in their properties. The contactless technology is the need of the hour, then why not use all the available services to make sure your guests stay safe. Use UKey Smart that provides all sorts of services a guest needs in his trip. Eventually it will bring major profits to the hotels.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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