How Covid-19 Has Accelerated Digital Transformation For The Hospitality Industry?

Covid-19 has affected each and everyone of us. It has affected and altered all the industries present around the world. People have changed their lifestyles and everyone is now more concerned for their health. Everyone now wants a hygienic environment to work in. Schools and all the educational institutes are forced to follow the SOPs. But what about the hospitality industry. For the hospitality industry, it is the most crucial time in history after the second world war. Since the ban on travelling, many small hotels are forced to shut down. But for the bigger chain hotels across the globe, it is time to invest in the digital transformation of their hotels.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is basically doing things with the smart devices like mobile phones, tablets and even computers. So in the hospitality industry, digital transformation simply means to provide the services to guests digitally, whether through a mobile phone or a tablet. 

Why is Digital Transformation needed?

During these times, when everyone is scared of getting infected and visiting crowded places. It is best to use the digital means to carry out the tasks. It is because of the technology like UKey Smart that allows the hospitality industry to provide “contact-less” services to the guests. This is the only way the guests feel safe and secure in a hotel when they don’t have to encounter many unnecessary people during their visit. Also with technologies like UKey Smart, guests are provided with digital room controllers and concierge services. Hence making the overall environment of the hotels more hygienic.

How can you transform your hotel?

Digital transformation is pretty simple when you are using special technologies like UKey Smart. This is because UKey is the only company that provides all kinds of hospitality services at one place. Some of the services provided by the UKey Smart are:

  • Manage Personal Info:

We all know the first step to book a room in the hotel is to go on their counter and feed in your personal info. So UKey Smart can help you avoid all this. You can add the personal info through Ukey Smart. Users can document their private data and even add their photo ID. This will help the hotel staff to recognize their customers, and they can assist you without even going to the lengthy process of booking a hotel room. 

  • Fast Check-in:

We know we all want to avoid the process of booking rooms and entering the hotels after proper check-ins. In this whole process, there are many chances to come in contact with people and many different things. Ukey helps in this situation by offering a hassle-free and fast check-in the hotels. The contact less engagements at the hotels will help the users to move to their rooms safely and quickly.

  • Smart Room Control:

With the growing fear of touching various things and getting infected, Ukey Smart wants all its users to be safe and healthy. You see UKey is special in many ways. In this condition, it provides its users with built-in room controls for room lightings, TV, etc. You can control the lighting, room temperature, TV, and many other devices in your room through your mobile phones. The smart remotes in your phone will help you avoid all unnecessary things in your room, keeping you safe and sound.

  • Room Service:

If you want to avoid most of the people on your visit to the hotel, UKey smart can help you by providing access to all kinds of room and hotel services. You can order your meal, ask for your favorite pillow and many more things with just a tap on your phone.


  • Manage Booking:

If you are wondering which hotel you stayed in last time or what services you asked for in your last visit to any of the hotels, it’s easy to keep a record of your bookings. You can manage your data and keep a record of your visit to any of the hotels around the world. You can make notes of the services you used and what things you required in your previous visits.

For the hotels, it would be great to know the exact things and services your customers want. You can give special treatments and services to your older customers and make predictions for their next visits.

  • Concierge:

If you want to access the best concierge services of the hotels in which you are staying, but also want to avoid different menus and people to order something to eat. In this case, UKey would help you access all kinds of best concierge services offered by your hotel. 

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