How Can A Hotel Save Money Using UKeySmart?

Since this pandemic and lock-down started, many businesses all around the world have suffered great losses. It has shut down many businesses and small hotels all over the world. So people are now looking for new ways to save money as much as possible. Some are reducing the number of lights in a room and others are closing down small branches of their companies.
So in this time of despair, UKey has stepped forward to help the hospitality industry in every way possible. With UKeySmart the cost of all the electric appliances in the hotel room reduces to half. Since using UKey Smart, all the lights, TV, and AC are controlled remotely through your mobile phone. This reduces energy consumption by electronics and helps you save a major amount of money and energy.
Some tricks to save money using UKeySmart
UkeySmart is an advanced app that helps everyone to control things
  • No need of plastic key-cards to unlock the doors
  • No need to waste money over the switch boards and room controllers
  • Reduce the usage time of all the appliances
  • No need of landline to dial for room services
  • No need to make menus of the concierge services of the hotel
  • No need of extra staff as check-ins would be completely automated.
Some of the frequent questions that arise about UKey are answered today: We know everyone has so many questions regarding UKey Smart, we tried to answer a few of them:
Do you have to change locks to use UKey Smart?
UKey Smart is a special app that provides a smart lock to its users. You don’t have to touch the room lock, Just tap on your phone and the room is unlocked.
If your hotel rooms have Assa Abloy locks, just an addition of a small device would help you get the smart lock. Otherwise, to have a smart key lock, you need to get the Assa Abloy, Salto, and Yale locks that work fine with our technology.
Do you have to change the lights in the room?
No, there is nothing that has to be changed in the room. Just a small addition to the devices will help you control them through your phone. Our technology is a smart technology that will help you control the lights turn on or off. Also, you can dim the lights whenever you want.
Who can use UKey Smart?
UKey Smart is a special app that helps you have control over all the things while travelling. You can book a room in your favorite hotel through UKey and also have all kinds of room controllers in your hotel room. So all the hotels and their guests can use these services.
Does it work on WiFi?
No, our smart technology doesn’t require WiFi to work. It works on Bluetooth technology that is cheaper in cost and available in all kinds of mobile phones. This helps the users access and control all the devices in their hotel rooms through their phones.
What else can we do using UKeySmart?
Using UKey, there are many things that you can do. If you’re traveling, you can book a room in your favorite hotel. There would be fast check-ins as you wouldn’t have to stay at the counter. You can have access to all kinds of hotel room services. Last but not least, you can even order your meal through UKey as it provides a complete menu of the hotel you are staying in.
What would be the cost for all the UKey Smart services?
So basically it depends on the type of locks used in the hotels. As our smart technology works fine with the Assa Abloy, Salto and Yale, the hotels would need to change the locks only and the rest of the cost is minor as we just have to add a small device to them. This will last for a lifetime.
But once the room is completely automated, the per month cost for a room including the room services and room control is reduced to 10$ only.
So, stay updated, stay tuned! As UKey is going to take over the Hospitality Industry!

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