Hotel Tech Adoption- The Route To Recovery!

The pandemic has left one question in everyone’s mind. What is the hotel industry going to be look-after all this? How will the hotel industry recover from this huge loss of revenues and unemployment. Will the hotels look different in the post covid-19 time or the changes would be subtle? There are multiple ways in which the transition period could play out in our industry. No one has all the answers but one thing I am sure about is that hotels will finally get on board with tech adoption. 

Tech solutions, such as keyless self-check-in, temperature controls and virtual concierge services, were being talked about by hotels long before this crisis but were far from universally implemented. The desire from guests has always been there and now, in this new world of contactless travel, the desire is stronger than ever. Guests want and need space; they want a safe, contactless stay and touchless tech can deliver that. Pre-COVID-19, guests were aware of hotel self-check-in options for some time, but now guests are viewing this solution much more favorably. It’s clear that the hotel industry needs to provide more contactless experiences given the adoption is still very scattered.

It’s time to upgrade the traditional system of hotels with smart digital technology. Technologies that provide contactless services to the guests. Contactless services are the need of the hour as people are concerned about their hygienic environment and the staff they meet. So let’s have a look at how smart technologies will help the hotels to have better start up in this post covid 19 time.

  • Digital Services:  Today, everyone wants to digitize their every task, No one wants to pick up the landline and order their meal. Everyone wants a system that will provide all the services whether room services or concierge services in their mobile phones. This way hotels can keep their guests more safe and sound in their hotels.
  • Contactless check ins: Hotels need to upgrade their system of booking a room and the front desk services. To save costs and resources, all we need is a contactless check in. contact less check in means where people don’t have to visit the front desk to book a room and stand in long queues for their turn.There are apps like UKey Smart
  •  that provide contact less check in services to their users.
  • Digital Mobile Keys: The world is moving fast. People want everything to be done by their mobile phones as they think their mobile phones are safe and clean from viruses.

From the above discussion and technologies in hand, it is clear that recovery from the pandemic crisis is only by the adoption of contact less services. As they help in saving hygiene and saving major costs.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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