Holiday Travelers Will Expect a New CX this Year

This global lockdown has changed the lifestyle of each and every one of us. Not only we are more concerned about our health and hygienic environment but also the way we carry out our daily tasks. So when it comes to travelling, there are many of us who want to travel as winter and Christmas holidays are approaching. While no one really knows how many Americans will travel for the holidays this year, those who do and opt to stay in hotels will be expecting specific changes to the customer experience. In high demand will be customer service technologies that allow guests to make quick booking decisions and even faster changes to reservations, ask questions, and avoid contact with hotel staff if they so choose.

How do you think the pandemic will impact CX for hotels this year?

This pandemic has shown us the importance of digital technology as much as about social hygiene. But in a hotel the customer needs are showing a new trend overall. There is a huge inclination towards digital mobile technology. As it is the mobile technology that provides the customers contactless experience and provides them a hygienic environment in the hotels.

How will technology play a role in customer experiences this year? Is it different than in previous years? 

This year, everything is different as compared to the previous year. This is because of the global pandemic and the lockdown that has not only caused a huge economic crisis but also changed the lifestyle of everyone all around the world. In the case of the hospitality industry, the customer experience is dependent on the hygiene of the hotels and their rooms. For this sake, hotels all over the world have started to adapt modern technology to carry out most of the tasks. From online booking to digital key and concierge services everything can be provided with the help of technologies like UKey Smart at one place.

What are the top technologies hotels should leverage to best position themselves for superior CX this holiday season? 

This holiday season, every customer has new expectations from the hospitality industry. From online booking becoming a common norm, everyone is looking forward to the following kinds of services. As these are the top technologies that customers are looking for. 

Online Support (24/7):

Customers these days want up to date information of the place they will visit during their holidays. They need the information about the weather, the corona cases etc. So for the hotels it is time to update their systems with 24/7 online support where they not only tell the safety hygienic measures they have taken but also provide all kinds of tips and tricks to their customers. 

Provide Self-Service Options:

To avoid meeting up with unnecessary people and to keep the social distance in the hotels, it is best to provide the self-service option With this service, it becomes easier for everyone to access a lot of things independently and without an encounter with any one.

Create a Personalized Experience:

Hospitality industry had made personalized experience for the guests after decades but now with the social distancing, everything has come to a halt. Public concerns have skyrocketed and maintaining physical distancing has compromised the customer care a lot. Smart Personalization means to keep a smart record of their customers. In this record it is important to save many minor things like what they ate, what room temperature they wanted, how their room furniture should be and many more things. So keeping a digital record for them, and whenever they visit next, predict what they want and providing all the things will make the customers more happy and satisfied. 

UKey Smart is highly specialized and well developed software that helps all the hotels in personalization. Along with providing Smart controls of the rooms, UKey Smart also helps in personalization by keeping the record of all the customers of a hotel. 

So when a person uses Ukey Smart, data is saved about that person including all the room services he used and all the room controls he used. So the hotels have a better way to provide the related services to their customers. All the data is kept highly classified and secret. Customer’s privacy is also ensured.

ukey smart


Keyless and Contactless Guest Experiences:

When we look at the past years, it is clear that companies were developing contactless technologies for ease and convenience. To make the things look fancy and to modernize the traditional systems of travelling, the hospitality industry were opting for contactless services. People are now more concerned about their whereabouts. They want a hygienic environment to every place they visit. In hotels, they want their rooms and every room item to be disinfected thoroughly. Many hoteliers know the importance of contactless technology in these times. But to make the budget accordingly is the difficult task.

There are many companies in the market that are providing contactless services to the hospitality industry. Some of them are providing digital key service and others provide online booking and check in services. But this confuses the hoteliers to choose the best of them. After analyzing the industry well, it is clear that the only company that provides all sorts of contactless services in the hospitality industry is UKey Smart!

UKey Smart is a specialized app that can assist everyone whether you belong to the hospitality industry or not. It is a touch less technology that helps the users to do their daily life tasks remotely and safely. It allows its users to remotely access all kinds of hotels and concierge services through their mobile phones. Since today everyone uses smartphones and believe that their smart phones are safer to touch and use. So UKey Smart helps them stay in their safe zone and allows them to control all kinds of hotel services through their phones. Just a tap on their phone screens and work is completed. 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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