Frictionless Access: Questions About The Newest Access Trend Answered

“A digital key carried by mobile phone instead of an analog key or a physical card is more convenient, flexible, and secure. It can also improve privacy while reducing the admin and maintenance costs of facilities.” said by the experts in the hospitality industry.

When we talk about the access and control system in the modern world, it no longer contains just the keys and locks, but instead it now includes technology driven devices that interact within a property. In the hospitality industry, from mobile access to facial recognition, many innovative access like technologies have added value to the safety of millions of lives in this time of pandemic. Not only does it keep the environment of the property hygienic but also has great benefits like convenience and security in the hospitality industry.

Now comes the age of frictionless technology, a game changer to take the confort and security to next level. It basically consists of the contactless methods that are now the future of the hotel industry.

Frictionless Access: In this world, where social hygiene and security is the key focus of the hotel industry, frictionless access comes in handy. Basically frictionless access is a method of providing access to an area without the interference in the user experience. It’s like pricing all sorts of services that will allow the users to spend their hotel visit with hands in pockets.

This is the basic need of the hour especially in crowded places like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, frictionless access not only saves time but also enhances security and optimizes the flow of people in that area, when no one has to stop to open a door to enter or leave.

It promotes hygiene in an innovative way as it allows the users to go hands- free. The concerns raised due to Covid-19 will be only taken care of when the guests are provided with frictionless access.

How Frictionless Access works?

There is no single way of facilitating frictionless access other than UKey Smart. UKey smart is a specially developed app that provides its user a completely frictionless handsfree visit in a hotel. There are many apps that are used in the hospitality industry that are providing digital keys to their guests, but no one can compare the benefits and features of UKey Smart.

UKey Smart works with a bluetooth interface, where the guests can communicate with all the devices in a hotel through their mobile phones.  To avoid touching the handles of the rooms, just a tap on the phone will open the door and you can enter completely hands free in the room. The users need to download the app in their smartphones that will eventually allow them use this Frictionless access in their hotel visit.

Benefits of Frictionless Access: Technologies like UKey Smart, a Frictionless Access are revolutionizing the traditional access control in the hospitality industry. It eliminates the need for keys and cards on your visit to the hotel. This saves the hotels not only major costs but digital mobile keys also make the whole process more convenient and eco-friendly.

Similarly, it is seen that frictionless access increases the security of a property when the guests don’t have to carry plastic key cards or key rings with them to protect. Because the mobile key cannot be stolen or lost as it is also protected by a smartphone lock system too.

So in short we can say that Frictionless Access like UKey Smart is poised to initiate a new era of security and access control system.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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