Are you in Partnership with Assa Abloy?

Yes, we are certified and in partnership with Assa Abloy.

We have the Assa Abloy lock, do we need to change it?

No, you don’t need to change or damage the lock, our software works with Assa Abloy lock.
It saves you the cost of changing it entirely.

How expensive is ukeysmart?

Many people questioned about the cost level of using this smart technology. Actually it depends upon the number of services they use. UKey has always opted to give the best experience to their users.
This cost reduces to almost zero if the hotels have already installed Assa Abloy or Yale locks.

Do you have a service system?

Yes, our platform gives the owner the benefit of being able to generate more income through a section in the UkeySmart mobile application, there you can suggest your guests to shop at stores, restaurants, events, etc. local, where you can earn a percentage that you have agreed with the merchants. By providing a boost to conventional hotel experiences, Ukey provides a package of services that extends the hotels’ potential for exhilarating guests. Hotels are also subjected to unveiling unexplored revenue making opportunities and additional earnings.

How will UKey Smart help hotel guests?

UKey Smart is a special software that thinks more of its users than any other. With its smart contactless technology, guests and staff can do many tasks with just a tap on their mobile phones.
Guests can avoid crowded places by remote check-ins through UKey. Also they can unlock their rooms with a tap on their mobile phones, and order all sorts of room and concierge services using UKey Smart.

What can UkeySmart Do?

UkeySmart allows guests to check in remotely, unlock the room, control room devices (light, AC, TV, etc) and request hotel services (Room services, Restaurants, SPA) through the App.

Is my AirBnB/Hotel property secure with UkeySmart?

Yes, our security system is quite good, we have sophisticated protocols, and the locks we operate are adapted so that only our platform and application can open it remotely.

Can I see who enters my AirBnB/Hotel property with UkeySmart?

Yes, you can have control of who enters your property, see the arrival and departure times of your guests.

In case you enter my AirBnB property without my knowledge, can I know?

Yes, you can see if your AirBnB property is inhabited from the UkeySmart platform, on the platform it indicates if the lights are on, the air conditioning, the television, etc.

How to reduce the electricity consumption of your UkeySmart product?

It does it in different ways, one of them is through the platform you can turn on or off the switches, lights, air conditioning, etc. if the guest leaves and leaves it on. Another method is that we have sensors that indicate whether the room is in use or not, in case it is not in use, it automatically enters sleep mode, once the guest enters it actively enters as the guest left it.

Will my AirBnB/Hotel property be affected or damaged by the UkeySmart installation?

No, all our automation is hidden, your property is not damaged and will have the same appearance with the quality you remodeled it, even with UkeySmart your AirBnB property will suffer less wear, stains on the wall and connectors, physical damage from use as your guests can use it from their cell phone.

What happens if the power goes out?

Your AirBnB or Hotel property can be used manually like a normal house, once you register the light, your property will work with the UkeySmart system.

Can I program my AirBnB/Hospitality property so that when it is not inhabited, the exterior lights turn on?

Yes, you can program your home efficiently by setting times when the lights go on and off, reducing electricity consumption.