Eliminating high-touch points: Enhancing Hygiene Standards with UkeySmart

Give or take, 20 years ago in the hospitality industry and many other industries, the mantra for the industry would appear to be “customers are always right”. This was built on satisfying the wants and needs of customers when they are logged in the hotels, eventually times changed and now we keep having improvements in technology and innovations. While this is good, it has also made customer’s satisfaction a subject of impression, experience, loyalty and safety. 

 However, if impressing customers and getting 5 star reviews, plus building an unwavering loyalty amidst the customer base, if all these were vital to an hotel management, then they should be willing to go the extra mile. Earlier this year, the whole world went into shock as the novel corona virus decimated the lives of many across the planet. It is a global health care crisis which could have been averted if the general populace simply avoided all for of touches. Speaking of touches, an average hotel has some checkpoints whose likelihood to be a breeding ground for diseases is high. Some of the checkpoints include Arrival, Check-In,  Room access, Lobby restrooms etc. While there are many other touch points that could be hotspot for diseases, the question is how is the safety of customers going to handled whilst doing it in style.

That’s where UkeySmart comes in, just like as software’s are to computers, UkeySmart is an  app that has been developed for smartphones to reduce and stop anything that’d would put customers at the risk of being in high-touch points. As it puts it users behind the screen of their phones and not behind control hardware that are accessible to a countless other people, UkeySmart is setting the pace in enhancing hygiene standards. UkeySmart boasts of features that lets users control features like light, A.C, lock, television and many other things from their phones. Some of UkeySmart’s places and way of eliminating high touch points are ;

1.) Arrival point; they intend to reduce all forms of engagement on arrival at the hotel as bookings can be managed before arrival at the hotel.

2.) Check-in process; this will make it faster and efficient with hassle-free and effortless engagements at hotels.

3.) Room access; UkeySmart’s room lock got you covered in locking and unlocking your room.

4.) In-room controls; things like the AC, television, light and other things often tend to be controlled from things that many other people also can have access to, UkeySmart intends to change the narrative by personalizing the narrative.

5.) Concierge services; normally one would have to roll over to a land phone before one can reach the concierge. Instead of that and putting ourselves at risk, UkeySmart intends to use something that we always have on us, our phones. 

There are many other tricks in UkeySmart’s book as it functions are myriad, however all rallies behind one point, enhancing hygienic standards and doing so with something that is only accessible to individual customers, their phones.

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