Elevate Guest Experience With Digital Hospitality Technology

What is the first thing that comes in our mind when we leave our house these days? It is the fear of getting infected with Coronavirus. So to avoid this situation, we use all kinds of safety measures like wearing masks and avoiding crowded places and hand shakes with different people. But how to maintain these safety measures during travelling and visiting a hotel? To answer these questions, hoteliers need to upgrade their traditional systems of guests services.

For every hotelier, the contactless guest experience and the technology that makes it happen are imperative right now. With occupancy rates down, resources and staff reduced, and guest expectations drastically shifting, this is a budget season like no other.  But how do you know which contactless solution isn’t just new-normal-proof, but also future, next-normal-proof? Such questions are arising day by day in the minds of hoteliers all around the world.  But first we need to learn about the needs of our guests. 

Need Of Hour:

  1. Contactless services like online booking, mobile key etc.
  2. Generate Revenue
  3. Savings

save money

So it is time to go for the company that provides all kinds of services at one place. Why go for UKey Smart? Ukey Smart is the only mobile application that not only provides contactless services but also helps the hoteliers elevate the guest experience. Some of the key benefits of hospitality technology in elevating the guest experience are as follows:

Online Booking: With online booking, guests will remain safe when they don’t have to visit the front desk or stand in queues to book their favorite room. Also by reducing the staff at the front desk, hoteliers can save major costs. 

Mobile Services: Mobile Keys are the future of the hospitality industry. When guests can unlock their rooms with smartphones, their stay becomes memorable and convenient.

Room controllers: This is the newest and most remarkable feature of modern technology. With this, guests can control the lights turn on or off, Set their room temperature with AC control and control TV with their smartphones.

ukey smart

“Long story short, in this time of pandemic, the only thing that can elevate the guests experience in the hospitality industry is the contactless technology that is taking over the world. Not only saving the guests from getting infected but also helps you save major costs.”

Stay Safe, Stay Updated With UKey Smart!

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