Disruption Drives The Hospitality Industry To Innovation

The pandemic has left everyone speechless. With lockdowns imposed all over the world, it has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and thousands of businesses closed. On a brighter slide, it is time to take a step and change the lifestyle. People belonging to whichever industry around the world, it is time to make life more easier and hygienic with the use of technology. Like the rest of the world, the pandemic blindsided the hospitality industry earlier this year, propelling it into an unknown future. However, disruption has sparked massive innovation across every component of the industry from offerings to marketing tactics.

As the industry looks to rebound, hotel owners, in particular, are introducing new solutions and services to entice guests, including embracing automation, a once taboo term in an industry used to thinking of service in a very human-centric way. Some of these are:

Service Automation:

Service automation means that rooms are assigned directly to the customers without interacting with them personally. With this pandemic going on, social distancing is becoming a typical norm, so, to avoid people and crowded places, people are preferring automated services by a hotel. This will help them in fast check-in and check outs. Many hotels are using apps like UKey Smart that helps in complete automation of the hotel services. This app allows the users to book a room in their preferred hotels through their phones and hence making human interaction at the least.


One of the major trends in the hospitality industry is the smart personalization of the hotels. This means to predict and provide the customers, the exact services that he wants. Personalization means to make a smart record of the customers about their experience and preferences in the hotel services during their stay at the hotels. 

Sustainability & Green Alternatives:

With the increase in pollution and global warming, people are looking for ways to do their everyday tasks in an Eco-friendly way. So each hotel around the world is looking for ways that have no harmful effect on the environment. 

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