Create A Contactless Guest Experience For Your Hotel With UKey Smart!

This is the perfect time to update your hotels into a smart one by implementing all kinds of contactless smart technologies that help in making the hygienic environment for the guests and the staff.

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought changes in all the fields of our lives. These changes at first seem to be impossible because every one of us was so used to the traditional way of doing everyday tasks. Like everything else, all the hotels need to strictly follow the Standard Operating Procedures to keep the virus in check and to keep the staff and the guests safe.

As the hotels are starting to reopen all around the world, we have gathered a few tips on how to better optimize the hotels into a smart one which is becoming the new normal for the hospitality industry.

The need for Hour:

Since everyone has to travel and one way or another everyone uses hotels on their trip, but then it’s the hotel’s responsibility to keep them safe and provide a hygienic and clean environment. After complete in-depth research in the hospitality industry, the following are some things that people want in the hotels they would use.

  • Technology-driven check-ins at hotels:

Many airports have started to provide smart check-ins through their mobile phones. and now people want to see the same method at the hotels so they don’t have to stay in a queue and visit the counter or front desk.

  • Contactless door locks:

Everyone trusts their mobile phones and for this to avoid touching the door locks, all they want is to unlock the doors with their mobile phones.

  • Room service with a digital device:

To order their required room service, people want the hotels to provide everything in their mobile phones so they don’t have to touch the landline and contact somebody.

  • Hotel to be personalized:

Personalization means that hotels treat the guests special and not like any random human being. People want to feel wanted and special and for this hotels need to personalize and remember what each guest required in their last visit to the hotels.

  • Concierge in your pocket:

This is something new but very important right now as people want to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places. So why not provide all the hotel concierge services on1 their mobile phones.


How to optimize your guests’ stay experience with UKey smart:

Ukey Smart is special software that helps its users to have a contactless experience throughout their trip and visit a hotel. It allows its users to do many things with their mobile phones. It has a vast range of features from managing personal information to order all sorts of hotel services with just a tap on their mobile phones.

  1. Remote Check-ins:

UKeySmart has made the check-in process very easy and faster for their guests. Using UKeySmart, guests don’t have to stand in the long queues to book their required room. Instead, they can book their rooms with their mobile phones and avoid going into crowded places.


     2. Unlocking the Doors with mobile phones:

To avoid touching different things, one of the main things that people are worried about is the handle and lock used to unlock their hotel rooms. But the hotels using UKey-Smart have updated their lock systems.

With the help of UKey Smart, guests can easily unlock the doors with a tap on their mobile phones. Guests are provided with a special code and it gets recognized when they reach their rooms.


    3.Smart Hotel Rooms

Through Ukey Smart, guests have access to all kinds of room controllers on their phones. This makes their stay at the hotel more comfortable as they don’t have to touch different controllers and switches for different things. UKeySmart provides the controllers to switch on the lights, controllers for TV, and AC.


    4.Room Service:

If you want to avoid most of the people on your visit to the hotel, UKey smart can help you by providing access to all kinds of room and hotel services. You can order your meal, ask for your favorite pillow, and many more things with just a tap on your phone.


   5.Smart Concierge Services:

Hotels using UKey-Smart have updated all kinds of services so that their guests can have a safe and comfortable stay at their hotels. For the concierge services, in other hotels, people had to use the landline in their rooms to order their required meals.

But in the hotels using UKey-Smart, guests have access to all kinds of concierge services provided by the hotels. They can order their required meal by using their mobile phones through the UKey-Smart.



If you are wondering which hotel you stayed in last time or what services you asked for in your last visit to any of the hotels, it’s easy to keep a record of your bookings. You can manage your data and keep a record of your visit to any of the hotels around the world. You can make notes of the services you used and what things you required in your previous visits.

For the hotels, it would be great to know the exact things and services your customers want. You can give special treatments and services to your older customers and make predictions for their next visits.


But remember: we’re all in this together. Ask your guests what they want and need from you, so you can best serve them.


Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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