Covid-19: How to operate your Hotels Remotely

With the fear and cases of Covid-19 slowly reducing around the world, everyone is ready to reopen their businesses. In the hospitality industry, hotels and AirBnB’s are ready to reopen themselves for their guests but following all the coronavirus SOP’s issued by the WHO. Today, this lockdown has further clarified the importance of travelling. Everyone of us wants to visit the places we used to go. But for this, to keep their guests safe, all the hotels must follow the rules and regulations. Only after this the pandemic can be controlled and ended easily.

Hotels all over the world are cautiously reopening for the summer and autumn travel season. But nothing is the same as it was before the lockdown. AHLA (American Hotel & Lodging Association) has introduced its Safe Stay Guidelines for the hotels of the USA. it included advisors from all the big hotels in the country including Intercontinental, Marriott, Omni, and many more.

But what do you need to do before reopening?

Fast Check-in: If the guests are arriving by air, all the hotels must clean the area before and after that guest visit a place. This is just to make sure that he remains safe in the hotel and if hes infected, others remain safe from him too.

If the guests are arriving by a Car, there is no need to greet the guests with a whole valet team now. Instead use UKEy Smart that provides contact less fast check ins. 

We know we all want to avoid the process of booking rooms and entering the hotels after proper check-ins. In this whole process, there are many chances to come in contact with people and many different things. Ukey helps in this situation by offering a hassle-free and fast check-in in the hotels. The effort less engagements at the hotels will help the users to move to their rooms safely and quickly.

Stepping into the lobby

Get ready to stop the guests at many points to just have a quick wellness screening and temperature check. Also make sure all the guests when outside their rooms, must wear a mask, have a hand sanitizer and maintain the six-foot social distancing policies. Place hand sanitizing stations at places that are easily accessible by the guests. 

Checking into Your Room: To check in, there is a good chance you’ll avoid the front desk entirely. Many hotels like Marriott International and The Way finder Hotel have started to provide digital keys to their guests that allows them to check in and unlock the room doors via their mobile phones. This completely eliminates the need for magnetic key cards and standing in queues with other guests.

  • Digital Keys by UKey Smart: Using the Smart Key provided by us, you don’t have to touch the room locks to unlock the room and enter. Our smart technology works through bluetooth, so by using your mobile phone, unlock the doors in a tap. No more need for the Plastic keys to unlock your rooms!!

Walking through the hotel

Staff may no longer escort you to — or show you around — your room, and elevators are being limited to just the people in your party. On the way to the room, you’ll likely pass more cleaning staff than in the past — for good reason.

Inside your hotel room

With the growing fear of touching various things and getting infected, Ukey Smart wants all its users to be safe and healthy. You see UKey is special in many ways. 

  • Smart Room Control: To avoid Covid-19,all of us are more cautious to touch different things in a hotel room. So, Ukey smart helps you in this by providing a fully functional remote control for the lighting, TC and AC of the room.

Housekeeping matters

Perhaps one of the biggest changes will be to housekeeping services. Room cleanings will be more intense but conducted less often, at least for guests staying multiple nights. Unless specifically requested, most cleanings will be done after guests leave. 

  • Room Service by UKey Smart: We know for the room services we have to dial up and order the requirements. But with Ukey smart, all you have to do is tap on your phone and ask for the things you need in your room. Also with the help of this app, you can Access best in class services offered by your hotel.

Restaurants and concierge Services:

The AHLA recommends limiting buffets, but if offered, serving them via a masked attendant. Also why bother touching the menu cards in your hands when all the information can be displayed in your mobile phone through UKey Smart’ digital menu.

If you want to access the best concierge services of the hotels in which you are staying, but also want to avoid different menus and people to order something to eat. In this case, UKey would help you access all kinds of best concierge services offered by your hotel. 

“So long story short, if you want to travel and also want to stay safe and social distance from all people, UKey Smart will help you in all these cases. With our touch less remote technology, you can access the best services without contacting anything or anyone.” 

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