COVID-19: A Stress Test For Hospitality Industry

The worldwide response to the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated what can be accomplished by the public working together for a common motive. The disaster has shown the demand for, and ability of, businesses to comply in order to keep operating.



We talk about the pace for change to occur, but in the time of weeks, if not days, the hospitality industry has proved that they can rapidly curve their operations to turn hotels into hospitals, isolation centres, shelters for the destitute and offices, as we have seen from IHG, Hilton, NH Hotel Group, Marriott International and Wyndham Hotels & Resorts as well as many smaller estates all over the world.

Hospitality has been one of the most inventive industries in this pandemic so far. We’ve seen connections instantly formed to donate food to the local endowment from hotels including Caesars Entertainment and NH Hotel Group. This not only helps to back the communities briefly but, after the crisis, these types of connections will be crucial to minimize food waste.



The hospitality industry has also been devoting towards keeping spirits high despite the difficult times they are passing. This comprises offering free food or residence for medical management, as seen from Taj & Four Seasons also including several independent hotels. All these hotels are found standing in unification with the societies that have been greatly damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, by lighting their windows in the shape of a heart. This unanimity has been seen in hotels across the world including Caesars Entertainment, Marriott International, Radisson, Hyatt and IHG.

After Covid-19:

When this pandemic has passed, the hospitality industry will have to play a very vital role in repairing lives within their local neighbourhoods. Several million people will be inactive which will leave them at high risk of famine and profiteering.

When the industry begins to repair, hospitality will be able to provide the essential recruitment, while also making sure that it is reducing the risk of unethical employment work in labour supply chains that may appear as the outcome of people’s elevated vulnerability.



How will UKey Smart help?

The answer lies in the special features of the UKey Smart. It is one highly functioning app that thinks more of its users and the whole world. It helps you book a room and gives you access to all room controllers. UkeySmart allows guests to check-in remotely, unlock the room, control room devices (light, AC, TV, etc) and request hotel services (Room services, Restaurants, SPA) through the App. some of the distinguishable features of UKey are:



Fast Check-in:

We know in these times, it’s so troublesome to travel and stay at the counters of the hotels to book a room as the only way to be safe from this virus is to stay away from the crowds.




Smart Unlock:

Using the Smart Key provided by us, you don’t have to touch the room locks to unlock the room and enter. Our smart technology works through Bluetooth, so by using your mobile phone, unlock the doors in a tap.

Remote controls:

To avoid Covid-19, all of us are more cautious to touch different things in a hotel room. So, Ukey smart helps you in this by providing a fully functional remote control for the lighting, TC and AC of the room.

Room Service & Concierge:

We know for the room services we have to dial-up and order the requirements. But with Ukey smart, all you have to do is tap on your phone and ask for the things you need in your room. Also with the help of this app, you can access best in class concierge services offered by your hotel.


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