Confidence and Neatness via your digital key and Smartphone

While the quality of services, brand affiliation, size of the property, are factors that are considered when a guest wants to lodge in a hotel. However, cleanliness and rest of mind deliver the guests and clients with all the rest assuredness they need. If a hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness, it’s a plus for them as it helps increase their branding before its customers bringing more hotel occupancy and profitability.

The world is a few weeks or months into the easing of lockdown after the novel coronavirus has ravaged every part of the world. Covid-19 is a global healthcare challenge, it has rendered some of the world’s best healthcare almost inefficient, however, with the help of technology the world is winning the war against the virus. As lockdown around nations of the world has been eased, it signals the resumption of business and works for lots of people.

Businesses would only open if only organizations and businesses adhered to guidelines that have been released. The hospitality sector is faced with also providing safety for their customers while also making sure their clients are confident about their neatness and safety.

What better way to do it if it wasn’t a technological innovation? Technology has come to the aid of the world in fighting COVID-19. UkeySmart is one of such innovations, it has assessed things and areas that are prone to being unhealthy and replaced them with something much better, a neat solution.



UkeySmart is an application that also gives customers control over their neatness and safety. It cuts down on every need for a hotel occupant to be in a place of risk, it does this by;

1.) Stopping the use of shared items like remote controls and control consoles

2.) Reducing or cutting down on the number of human contacts by doing the most of what’ll be needed from their phone.

3.) Allowing customers to book rooms before their arrival from their phones.

4.)  And on arrival, all the security, neatness, and privacy they want is theirs as the doors can also be controlled from their phones.

The subject of cleanliness is one that will forever remain relevant, not just because it’s good for business but also because it keeps everyone healthy, occupants, workers in the hotel, and the management alike. To drive this point home to occupants of a hotel, the management must continuously let the occupants place their confidence in them, confidence about their safety and neatness.

With careful consideration of the types of products the hotel uses to maintain cleanliness and hand hygiene and a deliberate commitment to enhanced and visible safety standards, your hotel has the best chance of future success with UkeySmart. In this time we found ourselves, it’s important that hotel managements take cleanliness procedures that’ll be obvious to their customers, this will build their confidence in the neatness and services provided to them.

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