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Meeting Hotel Cleanliness and Distancing Standards Post-Coronavirus -Ukey Smart

Since the lock-down is being lifted over in most parts of the country now, hotel guests have also started to return. But now cleanliness is a critical factor for both guests and staff in a hotel. We all know before Covid-19 all the hotels compete with each other over factors like prime location, comfort and […]

Eliminating high-touch points: Enhancing Hygiene Standards with UkeySmart

Give or take, 20 years ago in the hospitality industry and many other industries, the mantra for the industry would appear to be “customers are always right”. This was built on satisfying the wants and needs of customers when they are logged in the hotels, eventually times changed and now we keep having improvements in […]

How To Improve Hotel Hygiene With Contactless Technology?

This pandemic has changed the perspective of every person around the world. People are now more cautious about their health and hygienic environment. Everyone has an in-depth knowledge of how a disease can spread and get them infected. They know how to keep themselves safe from all kinds of pathogens that spread diseases. Everyone now […]

Create A Contactless Guest Experience For Your Hotel With UKey Smart!

This is the perfect time to update your hotels into a smart one by implementing all kinds of contactless smart technologies that help in making the hygienic environment for the guests and the staff. The Coronavirus outbreak has brought changes in all the fields of our lives. These changes at first seem to be impossible […]