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Mobile Revolution: Traveling With New Technology


Travelling is part of life, whether you are visiting your relatives in another city or meeting for business in new countries. Everyone likes and has to travel in this world for one purpose to another. This is because everyone likes to visit new places. Just as each individual is unique, travel preferences vary differently while […]

How Technology Has Changed the Way You Travel


Technology has changed the world in a tremendous way more than anything. It has not only made life easier and convenient but also helped in completing the task in hours and minutes. Without technology, it is hard to imagine one’s life, as it has become an integral part of daily life. Travelling has evolved with […]

Why Will Smartphones Replace Keys & Access Badges?


Technology is taking over the world faster than anything else. Today not only adults but the children have access to smartphones and spend most of their time on it. Whether they are watching videos or playing games, people of all ages are using smartphones for their built-in convenience. There is no limit to the benefits […]

Contactless is No longer Optional:Budget Now with an Eye on The Future of Hospitality Technology


When we look at the past years, it is clear that companies were developing contactless technologies for ease and convenience. To make things look fancy and to modernize the traditional systems of traveling, the hospitality industry was opting for contactless services. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the perception of every human living in […]

Power Your Contactless Sales Online with UKey Smart!

The world has changed drastically for the last six months. Many of the things that people did in their daily routine are no longer possible now. To help ensure safety and to handle the increased health concerns in the public, hotels all over the world have started to use contactless hospitality technologies. Ukey smart is […]

Remote Personalization: Connecting Guests Through Technology

After an estimated $20 billion dollar loss through Covid-19, hoteliers and the hospitality industry overall is facing record crises.  One of the few challenges they are facing is the adaptation to new requirements to restart the hotels. Increased health and safety demands have created major barriers in the normal operations of the hotels. But to […]

Hotel Digitalization Journey : Get Started If You Haven’t Already!

This lockdown has clearly shown the importance of upgrading of the system. The traditional systems have failed to give all the required facilities that we want today. People are now more aware and conscious about their hygienic environment. So it is time to step back from the traditional ways of running businesses and get your […]

Confidence and Neatness via your digital key and Smartphone

While the quality of services, brand affiliation, size of the property, are factors that are considered when a guest wants to lodge in a hotel. However, cleanliness and rest of mind deliver the guests and clients with all the rest assuredness they need. If a hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness, it’s a plus […]