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Hardware and software built together for a superior contactless experience in 2021

2020 is one of the unique years of the human industry. It has not only taught us the importance of cleanliness but also how the modern contactless technology has revolutionized our daily lives. In the hospitality industry, every hotel is trying its best to incorporate the best softwares and hardwares in their properties. When it […]

Why Now is the Time for Hotels to Invest in Advanced Technology Solutions


The COVID-19 pandemic has required the hospitality sector to think proactively in order to preserve the health and safety of its employees. Most staff members spend the majority of their shifts in what are considered high-risk settings while interacting with guests, cleaning rooms, transporting luggage, serving restaurant patrons or working in kitchens. In that sense, […]

How the Right Software Can Help Hoteliers Optimize Operations in the Next Normal

Wearing a mask and avoiding contact with people around us is the new normal that is given to us by this global pandemic. The only thing that the coronavirus taught us is that mere touching things used by others can easily get infected with many deadly diseases. All of us never worried about such things […]

Leveraging PMS Technology Integration to Increase Hotel Revenues in 2021 

This year’s budget season for hotels is a difficult affair as the covid-19 pandemic has stopped everyone of us in many things. Today the hoteliers cannot use the past year budget playbooks to accurately forecast 2021. Despite the widespread uncertainty from the coronavirus, we can still depend on a few trends to guide our approach, […]

The Next Evolution of Hotel Staff and Guest Safety: Contact-less Check-In and Check-out

As the hospitality industry transitions to a contactless environment, technologies like UKey Smart will have long-term investment benefits; we are already seeing a need for contactless employee check-in/-out. With planned integration to payroll companies and timecard entry systems, it only makes sense to add contactless Check-ins to the mix. COVID-19 is the first pandemic of […]

6 Misconception Hotel Owners Have About Mobile App

In this world, there is not a single industry that has not been penetrated by mobile apps. All of us have used and are using hundreds of different mobile apps. Whether it be for leisure purposes or for work, without them we can’t spend a single day comfortably because we are so used to them […]

How Covid-19 Has Accelerated Digital Transformation For The Hospitality Industry?

Covid-19 has affected each and everyone of us. It has affected and altered all the industries present around the world. People have changed their lifestyles and everyone is now more concerned for their health. Everyone now wants a hygienic environment to work in. Schools and all the educational institutes are forced to follow the SOPs. […]

How To Leverage Tightly Integrated Systems To Build Guest Profiles And Share Data In Real Time

Sharing of the information is a critical process. It can cause major issues if mishandled. Now there is the copyright issue but sometimes it also becomes a cyber crime. For the hospitality industry, the data of the guests is a critical piece of work that had to be handled with extra care. Every year thousands […]

Post-Covid Traveling: 6 Ways To Travel Safely

Although many restrictions are still in paces all around the world, travel is slowly starting up again. People who were locked up for months want to stretch their body and boost the economy too. Restaurants and tourist attractions are opening for local and domestic travel. A few countries have even started to welcome international travelers. […]

Elevate Guest Experience With Digital Hospitality Technology

What is the first thing that comes in our mind when we leave our house these days? It is the fear of getting infected with Coronavirus. So to avoid this situation, we use all kinds of safety measures like wearing masks and avoiding crowded places and hand shakes with different people. But how to maintain […]