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Contactless is No longer Optional:Budget Now with an Eye on The Future of Hospitality Technology


When we look at the past years, it is clear that companies were developing contactless technologies for ease and convenience. To make things look fancy and to modernize the traditional systems of traveling, the hospitality industry was opting for contactless services. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the perception of every human living in […]

Frictionless Access: Questions About The Newest Access Trend Answered

“A digital key carried by mobile phone instead of an analog key or a physical card is more convenient, flexible, and secure. It can also improve privacy while reducing the admin and maintenance costs of facilities.” said by the experts in the hospitality industry. When we talk about the access and control system in the […]

Power Your Contactless Sales Online with UKey Smart!

The world has changed drastically for the last six months. Many of the things that people did in their daily routine are no longer possible now. To help ensure safety and to handle the increased health concerns in the public, hotels all over the world have started to use contactless hospitality technologies. Ukey smart is […]

Post Covid-19: Ways To Boost Your Business!

Recently a study has shown some of the main things that were common in most of the high growth hotels. That was the embracing and implication of modern technology in their businesses. Covid-19 has cleared the importance of contactless technologies and now it is time for the hospitality industry to provide all their services in […]

It’s Time for the Hospitality Industry to Build Back Better!

Since bans on the lockdown are being lifted in most parts of the world. It is time for the reopening of businesses and hotels all around the world. But since people are more concerned about their health and hygienic environment, it is time for the hospitality industry to build back better. Everyone is looking for […]

The Greatest Hospitality Reset! Contactless Self-Services Are Here To Stay After COVID-19

Covid-19 cases are finally getting lower and lower day by day. Life is becoming normal and businesses have started to open all over the world. These businesses have started deep research on the ways they can manage their revenues. Everyone is searching for different methods that can help them save costs and also maintain social […]

Coronavirus: How To Tackle The Economic Crisis In The Hospitality Industry?

Crisis in the hospitality industry is inevitable. Whether the source is natural disaster or man made, sectors of the hospitality industry are at the forefront of critical situations. Problem situations can create serious risks to the hospitality industry’s ability to continue regular operations. They can cause problems with a hotel’s perceived image, ostracize a customer […]

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Hotel Operating Costs

When we talk about the hospitality industry, Customer service or guest service is the name of  the game. This fact represents both a challenge for hotels to meet and an opportunity that hotels can maximize. But the challenge is how to provide the best customer service along with controlling costs. Because it is clear in […]