Beyond Hand Sanitizers: How COVID-19 is Changing the Future of Work

Since the decrease in the coronavirus cases around the world, there are still chances of a second wave of the virus. Many countries like the United States have become the epicenters of the pandemic. But there is hope that one day the virus will disappear around the world. But at that time there won’t be a single industry that will be unchanged in the pandemic.

Covid-19 has forced many companies to take serious strides in accommodating remote working. millions of employees have to spend around a third of their days at their offices. On the other hand, there has been an increase in the awareness of issues like Social Hygiene and the dangers of public places that have cramped spaces.

However, the future has arrived sooner than anticipated as many countries, companies, and workers shifted to remote working in order to contain the transmission of Covid-19. In short, the pandemic has dramatically changed the way people work.

For the hospitality industry, it is time for a great test. Since it is the industry that is responsible for millions of people’s safety. They cannot bound each and every guest to sanitize their hands and make sure that they maintain the social distance in these times. So beyond the hand sanitizers, it is time to upgrade the traditional ways of running a business. We have gathered the tips and tricks which are needed to cope with this pandemic.

  1. Upgrade the traditional Check-in process:

It is the time of science and technology, everyone is opting for the ways that have the inclusion of modern technology in it. For the hospitality industry, it is a crucial time of adopting contactless technology in place of traditional ways. For the Check-in process, it is time to provide digital check-in services to the guests. This way no only the guests but the staff members will also feel safe and hygienic. For example, UKey smart provides the services of digital check-in in which the guests pre-install their information to their hotels, and upon arrival, they go directly to their rooms instead of visiting the front desk. This makes the whole process fast and safe.

    2.  Door Lock System:

Many hotels around the world have finally recognized the importance of digital keys, how they help in saving major costs and convenience. So To cope with the pandemic, it is time to upgrade your hotel lock systems with smart technologies like UKey Smart, that provides the services of the digital key to their users and hence make their hotel stay safer and smarter.

   3. Concierge in Pocket:

Today, everyone owns a smartphone and expects everything to be present in it. So when they visit a hotel, people want every hotel service right in their hands, so they don’t have to visit different places and interact with them. As to control this pandemic, this is the only way to limit your interaction with different people.

In this case, technologies like UKey Smart comes in hand. Ukey Smart is the only software that provides all sorts of services in one place. Whether it be a concierge service or any other hotel service, Guests can access all of them through their mobile phones.

So, in short, we can say that putting hand sanitizer everywhere in your property won’t make the guests safe, but adoption to smart technologies like UKey Smart will.

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart!

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