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Contactless is No longer Optional:Budget Now with an Eye on The Future of Hospitality Technology


When we look at the past years, it is clear that companies were developing contactless technologies for ease and convenience. To make things look fancy and to modernize the traditional systems of traveling, the hospitality industry was opting for contactless services. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the perception of every human living in […]

Power Your Contactless Sales Online with UKey Smart!

The world has changed drastically for the last six months. Many of the things that people did in their daily routine are no longer possible now. To help ensure safety and to handle the increased health concerns in the public, hotels all over the world have started to use contactless hospitality technologies. Ukey smart is […]

Confidence and Neatness via your digital key and Smartphone

While the quality of services, brand affiliation, size of the property, are factors that are considered when a guest wants to lodge in a hotel. However, cleanliness and rest of mind deliver the guests and clients with all the rest assuredness they need. If a hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness, it’s a plus […]

Create A Contactless Guest Experience For Your Hotel With UKey Smart!

This is the perfect time to update your hotels into a smart one by implementing all kinds of contactless smart technologies that help in making the hygienic environment for the guests and the staff. The Coronavirus outbreak has brought changes in all the fields of our lives. These changes at first seem to be impossible […]

How To Manage Your Personal Information During a Trip?

The world is moving fast. We see hundreds of thousands of people connected through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. All of us input our personal information when creating an account anywhere without giving it a second thought. We are always ready to upload our pictures and drop check-ins of the places we visit. […]