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Best Travel Hacks For Saving Money


Who doesn’t travel these days? Whether it be for business or family, everyone has traveled once in their lifetime. For this they have used trains or airplanes. But this coronavirus pandemic has halted almost every industry around the world. To stop the spread of the virus, there was a ban on travelling to other countries […]

Impress Your Guests With Room Automation Services

room controllers

Ever wondered what it would be like to control the lights and TV through your mobile phones? With the growth in science and technology, everyone now wants complete control over the devices in their rooms. For this, technology has provided us with numerous mobile applications. Today, in this time of pandemic, when everyone is scared […]

Generate New Guests with Technologies like UKey Smart

guest service

This pandemic has caused many businesses to close. Millions of the employees have lost their jobs during the lockdown. But now, when the conditions are getting better, things are getting back to normal. Hospitality industry has got huge blows as ban took place on travelling around the world. The past few months have caused a […]

Hotel Technology Is Perfect For Guest Service

Guest Service is the one thing that ranks the hotels in the hospitality industry all around the world. That simply means if the hotel has better guest services, it provides its guests the basic things they need and guests are happy to stay at their property, this means that the hotel is excellent and ranks […]

Mobile Revolution: Traveling With New Technology


Travelling is part of life, whether you are visiting your relatives in another city or meeting for business in new countries. Everyone likes and has to travel in this world for one purpose to another. This is because everyone likes to visit new places. Just as each individual is unique, travel preferences vary differently while […]

How Technology Has Changed the Way You Travel


Technology has changed the world in a tremendous way more than anything. It has not only made life easier and convenient but also helped in completing the task in hours and minutes. Without technology, it is hard to imagine one’s life, as it has become an integral part of daily life. Travelling has evolved with […]

Why Will Smartphones Replace Keys & Access Badges?


Technology is taking over the world faster than anything else. Today not only adults but the children have access to smartphones and spend most of their time on it. Whether they are watching videos or playing games, people of all ages are using smartphones for their built-in convenience. There is no limit to the benefits […]

Coronavirus: How To Tackle The Economic Crisis In The Hospitality Industry?

Crisis in the hospitality industry is inevitable. Whether the source is natural disaster or man made, sectors of the hospitality industry are at the forefront of critical situations. Problem situations can create serious risks to the hospitality industry’s ability to continue regular operations. They can cause problems with a hotel’s perceived image, ostracize a customer […]

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Hotel Operating Costs

When we talk about the hospitality industry, Customer service or guest service is the name of  the game. This fact represents both a challenge for hotels to meet and an opportunity that hotels can maximize. But the challenge is how to provide the best customer service along with controlling costs. Because it is clear in […]