A New Era Gives Birth to New Technologies!

In almost no time, the world has changed beyond recognition. Rapidly and without much prior warning, we all continue to have to learn to adapt to something we can’t yet really imagine. The biggest challenge that the Coronavirus is throwing at us is nobody knows how life will be post-post-COVID. This induces a lot of fear and anxiety or – at the least it seems – frustration, anger and worry. We are living through a collective change, and although restrictions may be lifted, remnants of the trauma – the scare, the grief and the emotional pain – will be there. Most likely, there won’t be a ‘life as usual’ or a ‘business as usual’ post-COVID. There will forever be the “before” and “after”.

The coronavirus crisis will be over sooner or later and hoteliers would once again start chasing these exact corporate and leisure transients. Coronavirus is an existential threat to the hospitality industry. It affected the hospitality industry before any other, when there started a ban on travelling and tourism around the world. 

COVID-19 may be having a devastating impact on our industries, social lives and personal grooming standards, but it is also prompting an outpouring of creativity in other arenas. From Spiderman-esque wrist-mounted disinfectant sprays, to a wristband that buzzes whenever you’re about to touch your face, a wealth of new prototypes are demonstrating what human ingenuity is capable of in the face of adversity.

Here are just some of the newest coronavirus inventions.

Hands-free door openers:

Several varieties of hygiene-friendly door-hooks are in the pipeline – intended to help us navigate that tricky moment when we need to open doors with sanitized hands. For example: 

To avoid touching different things, one of the main things that people are worried about is the handle and lock used to unlock their hotel rooms. But the hotels using UKey-Smart have updated their lock systems. 

With the help of UKey-Smart, guests can easily unlock the doors with a tap on their mobile phones. Guests are provided with a special code and it gets recognized when they reach their rooms. 

Contactless Check Ins:

We know in these times, it’s so troublesome to travel and stay at the counters of the hotels to book a room as the only way to be safe from this virus is to stay away from the crowds. 

UKey Smart allows its users to book a room in their favourite hotels with just a tap on their mobile phones. So when a person books a room through Ukey Smart, he provides all his personal information to the hotel he is visiting. The personal information includes the ID photo and other documents etc. 

The hotel staff, once receiving your credentials, is waiting for your arrival as they know you  are a guest at their hotels. So, once you arrive at the hotel, hotel staff recognizes you immediately and takes you directly to your room. No hassle to visit the counter or meet unnecessary people on your trip. 

Smart Hotel: This pandemic has highlighted the need of smart contactless technologies all around the world. Everyone wants their work remote and contact free, away from all the people. 

Ukey Smart is a special software that helps its users to have a contactless experience throughout their trip and visit to a hotel.

Through Ukey-Smart, guests have access to all kinds of room controllers in their phones. This makes their stay at the hotel more comfortable as they don’t have to touch different controllers and switches for different things. UKey-Smart provides the controllers to switch on the lights, controllers for TV and AC.

Concierge in your pocket: This is something new but very important right now as people want to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded places. So why not provide all the hotel concierge services in their mobile phones. 

Hotels using UKey-Smart have updated all kinds of services, so that their guests can have safe and comfortable stay at theri hotels. For the concierge services, in other hotels people had to use the landline in their rooms to order their required meals. 

But in the hotels using UKey-Smart, guests have access to all kinds of concierge services provided by the hotels. They can order their required meal by using their mobile phones through the UKey-Smart.

So what are you waiting for? 

Stay Safe, Stay Updated with UKey Smart

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