6 Misconception Hotel Owners Have About Mobile App

In this world, there is not a single industry that has not been penetrated by mobile apps. All of us have used and are using hundreds of different mobile apps. Whether it be for leisure purposes or for work, without them we can’t spend a single day comfortably because we are so used to them now. Talking about the hotel and travel industry, these industries are one of the major beneficiary industries of mobile apps. Mobile apps have changed the way we book hotels, plan and execute our travels. Now these mobile apps are inseparable parts of the hospitality industry.

For example, UKey Smart is a specialized app that can assist everyone whether you belong to the hospitality industry or not. It is a touch less technology that helps the users to do their daily life tasks remotely and safely. It allows its users to remotely access all kinds of hotels and concierge services through their mobile phones. Since today everyone uses smartphones and believe that their smart phones are safer to touch and use. So UKey Smart helps them stay in their safe zone and allows them to control all kinds of hotel services through their phones. Just a tap on their phone screens and work is completed. 


Despite such a huge and overwhelming role of mobile apps in the transformation of hotel industry, several myths and misconceptions prevent some industries from using them. So today we are here to explain some of these myths and misconceptions:

Mobile Apps are for big brands:

Many small and local hospitality industry players think that the mobile app is something associated with big brands. They think mobile app development, maintenance and marketing is really expensive for the local brands. Because of this, they miss the best opportunities to invest. 

On the contrary, mobile apps are for everyone whether local or big brand. As these apps are specially developed to help the people in providing the contactless experience and eventually it keeps the guests safe.

Mobile Apps are similar to Mobile Websites:

This is one of the commonest and widespread myths among the travel and hotel industry players. Many hotel owners consider mobile apps similar to mobile websites. They focus on optimizing their websites for mobile users while not considering the app of their own.

But to be honest, we all know mobile apps like UKey Smart are not only loaded with the online booking services but also provide major contactless services like Digital Mobile Key to unlock the door. Also the apps like UKey Smart helps the hotels in providing the major room and concierge services through their phones.

Mobile Apps are Costly Projects:

Finally, all misconceptions that prevent too many travel and hospitality brands from opting for mobile apps are their cost concern. Yes, the vast majority of small travel brands worldwide consider building apps an expensive proposition, and so they stay away from such a project.

On the contrary, according to research, mobile apps are specially designed for saving costs in the hospitality industry. Apps like UKey Smart help the hotels in Saving cost by providing them with services like contactless check-ins and digital mobile keys. This way hotels can save major costs by reducing the staff members and expenses on Plastic Keycards.

The Same Booking Features like Website:

Last but not least, all misconceptions are regarding what a mobile app can actually do to the travel and hospitality business. Many industry players think a mobile app for a hotelier or a travel brand will come with the same booming features common with websites.

Well, mobile apps, apart from helping them stay in constant communication, can also come equipped with a more immersive user experience to showcase hotel accommodations and travel experiences. Beyond the so-called travel and hotel booking features, mobile apps can allow more localization, personalization, and native platform-specific user experience. 


There are still hotel and travel businesses that consider building a mobile app as a preposterous decision since they already have established a brand, continuous growth trajectory, and enough audience buzz to keep them in focus. So travel and hospitality brands can advantageously utilize mobile apps to improve branding, boost business conversion and incorporate innovations. Defying these misconceptions and myths travel and hospitality brands have to shape their digital presence through mobile apps.  

Stay Safe, Stay Updated With UKey Smart!

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